5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas: A Guide to Different Window Treatment Types

Even though they are often overlooked, window treatments have an important role in your house. Window treatments, such as curtains and blinds, not only function to provide privacy you need and block the sun but also to beautify the room as a part of the decoration. There are various types of curtains and blinds you can choose based on your needs. Here are 5 different types of window treatments with each different function you should know before you shop.


Room Darkening Curtains

When you want to get some rest without being disturbed by the sun or any invasion of privacy, room darkening curtains will be the right option. This type of curtains can help most of the UV light from entering the room, it also provides privacy both day and night.

Room darkening curtains are really suitable for bedrooms. They are great to retain heat during cold days and repel heat on sunny days, make the bedroom cool and comfy. Moreover, for they are made of dense and tightly woven fabric, they can reduce noise that allow you to have a quiet and comfortable sleep.

5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 01

Just because it’s a room darkening curtain, doesn’t mean it has to be dark, gloomy, or heavy. The stunning orange linen curtains make the bedroom brighter and warmer.

5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 02

Adding curtains can add style and drama to any room in your house.

5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 03

You can make the decor more interesting by pairing matching curtain and shade.

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Sheer Curtains

While room darkening curtains blocking the sun, sheer curtains allowing a lot of sun light to enter the room but still giving you the privacy you want. You can still feel connected to the outside while blocking the view of the room from outside.

Sheer curtains are usually made of a lightweight material, such as nylon, silk, polyester, or synthetic fabrics. The materials are so thin that you need to be careful when washing your sheer curtain so they wouldn’t tear. You can also use sheer curtains as mosquito net for your bed.

5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 04

Sheer curtains are usually used to layer room darkening curtains. Whenever you need more light in the room, you can swipe the room darkening curtain and still get some privacy.

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5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 05

You can also create this seamless, luxurious look by combining multiple sheer panels.

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5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 06

Style your window treatment to enhance the aesthetic in your living room.

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5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 07

You can also use these sheer patterned curtains if you still need to block the sun a little so the room feels cooler and cozier.

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Pleated Blinds

If you are searching for a simple window treatment, pleated blind would be a great option. You can use pleated blinds for either small or wide windows. There is a handle or cord you can pull to open and close the blind. This type of window treatment are also easy to install; no drilling required.

There are several types of pleated blinds you can choose: transparent, semi-transparent, and block-out pleated blind. The transparent and semi-transparent types can reduce the the light intensity without darkening the room, while the blocked-out pleated blinds will completely block the light so the room gets dark. Choose one that suits your needs.

5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 08

To create a light and streamlined look, pleated blinds are the perfect option.

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5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 09

Pleated blinds also comes in various colors. You can match them to the style or color palette of your rooms.

5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 10

The blinds allow you to adjust the level of light you want to let in the room. This application also makes the window look more interesting.

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Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are almost similar to pleated blinds, it’s operated by pulling a cord attached to the bottom of it. Just like what they sound like, roller blinds roll when opened and unroll to cover windows. This simple window treatment type is perfect for any minimalist style room. They come in two different types: blocked-out blinds that block light, and dim-out blinds that still let the light in but give you the privacy you need.

5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 11

Dim-out roller blinds are suitable for the living room, they keep the room bright and fresh even though have to be closed for privacy.

5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 12

Use blocked-out roller blinds in your bedroom. They block most light so you wouldn’t be woken up by the sun whenever you want to wake up late.

5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 13

Roller blinds are suitable for any room in the house, including the kitchen.

5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 14

It’s also a great way to apply color block style in your room.

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5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 15

You can use roller blinds to enhance a minimalist style.

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Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are usually made of fabric that is designed to fold when raised. There is a concealed support rod in each fold so that when the blind is lifted it keeps neat and lying flat. Roman blinds are also great for both small or large windows. They come in various colors and patterns, you can match them to the style of your rooms.

5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 16

This roman blind is so simple but beautiful to embrace the minimalist room.

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5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 17

For variation, combine roman blinds with curtains to get elegant and luxurious look.

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5 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas 18

This floral patterned roman blind adds beauty and transform the kitchen. Colors and patterns also can make your room feel livelier.

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The wide variety of window treatments allow you to choose any type that suits your style and needs. However, no matter what type of window treatment you choose, make sure they are made of good quality materials so they can last for a long time.

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