9 Home Offices That Will Boost Your Productivity

When you work from home on a daily basis, your home office design becomes so important. You want to create a productive atmosphere so you can work comfortably and efficiently, even if you are at home instead of in the office. So, how do you create a working space that can boost your productivity?

The first thing to think about when designing a home office is to choose the right space that is free from distraction to help you focus. You might also prefer a better view with your personal touches or color to set the mood and make the space more inviting. For your inspiration, take a look at these 9 home office design ideas that ensure your productivity.


Showcase Your Hobby

Note that your comfort is the number one priority. To set up a special space for a private office, do what you think is necessary to make you enjoy spending a lot of time there. You can display your favorite collectible item or other decorative objects that are related to your hobby.

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If you love vintage, you can have your classic motorcycle next to your desk. Set up this vintage home office in the quiet corner of your house.

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Refreshingly Minimalist Home Office

If you have a limited space or live in an apartment, minimalist aesthetic is the perfect one for your home office. Go for black and white color scheme with wood accent, and always keep the decoration to a minimum because clutter is very distracting and can reduce efficiency.

9 Home Offices That Will Boost Your Productivity 02

Add a big planter to refresh the space.

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Colorful Living Room Office

Do you suddenly have to work from home and don’t get the time to prepare a room in your house for a home office? Or simply, you don’t have the place elsewhere, then you can use a space in your living room. Place a desk behind a couch, and make sure you still have enough room to move in between.

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Colorful space can liven up the ambience and boost your mood.


Office Nook

If you have an awkward space in your house or apartment, such as a small nook in the living room, it can be a perfect spot for a home office. Neatly fit a small desk and a comfortable chair in the nook; you can add a bookshelf as a room divider to give you privacy.

9 Home Offices That Will Boost Your Productivity 04

A small home office that seamlessly blends into the living room allows you to easily drift from a working corner into a relaxing living space.

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Elegantly Comfortable Workspace

An elegant workspace reflects the owner’s high taste in interior style and design, and this home office is a great example to that. From its minimalism that features contemporary elements, you can still feel a natural ambiance. The beautiful leather chair adds luxury to the space, while the simple wall art decor enhance its elegance.

9 Home Offices That Will Boost Your Productivity 05

This home office design is focused on the aesthetic without neglecting comfort.

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Zen Home Office

When you keep your zen flowing and your mind clear, it would be easier to stay focus on your work and to gain your productivity. To create a zen workspace, first you have to make sure your desk is clutter-free. Then, add relaxing elements such as green plants. As for the decoration, you can add a touch of bohemian style by hanging macrame and ground the space with colorful mediterranean rug.

9 Home Offices That Will Boost Your Productivity 06

Opt for wood desk and chair. Natural elements such as wood and greenery are so soothing; they can help you relax. Besides those, a proper natural light is also essential to form a zen workspace.

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Private Workspace

It’s better to have a specific room in your house for a home office for it provides a total privacy and allows you to concentrate more on your work. It doesn’t matter if you have a small space, or a long and narrow room like this one. You can still create a comfortable, modern home office that is conducive to productivity.

9 Home Offices That Will Boost Your Productivity 07

Use neutral color scheme, it will make the room feel spacious. And make sure the room gets sufficient light for comfort.

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Apply Color Block Style

Color blocking is a great way to define your workspace. It creates a beautiful visual borders between spaces. Color block style is suitable for those of you who like to embrace minimalism. The color block wall even can be your only decoration.

9 Home Offices That Will Boost Your Productivity 08

The key to a perfect color block wall is pairing contrasting colors.

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Shared Home Office

This one is for those of you who work in a team. You can place a long desk against the wall and work side by side. Remember that when you share a workspace, the room can get crowded and clutter easily. Therefore, you have to make sure there’s plenty of storage space and make sure each personnel have enough room to move freely.

9 Home Offices That Will Boost Your Productivity 09

Ensure a safe distance between workers for health comfort.

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9 Home Offices That Will Boost Your Productivity 10

If you have a more spacious space, you can gather the desks in the center of the room. This one makes for a better coordination between workers.

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Any of those 9 home office designs are great examples you can copy to create a conducive environment to work from home. They’re not only stylish, but also guarantee the boost of productivity.

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