10 Stylish Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas

Are you looking for amazing ideas to transform your kitchen in just few hours? Or, are you bored with your typical white kitchen? If you want to update your kitchen quickly and cheaply, using paint to spruce up your kitchen is the answer.

Adding colors using paint to refresh the look of your kitchen might be a cliche, but don’t get to any conclusion just yet. These stylish kitchen paint ideas will get you inspired to repaint your kitchen.


1. Use One Color Tone

Sage is a gorgeous shade of green you should consider using on your kitchen. Paint the walls and the cabinets with the same sage color for a cohesive look. You can accent with white sink, towel, decoration, also paint the window sill white.

10 Stylish Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas 10

The wood countertop blends very well with the green tone and makes for a subtle color transition. To refresh the look, you can decorate with some greenery.

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2. Mix Colors of the Same Hue

If you want to mix two or more color but not sure what colors to choose, you can play safe by picking colors that have the same hue. With this paint idea, you can have more color in your kitchen but it still looks cohesive.

10 Stylish Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas 09

Mix three shades of green from the lightest to the darkest, and see how the colors transform your kitchen.

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3. No-Fail Color Combination

Yes, there is such thing like no-fail color combination. One perfect example for that is the combination of light blue with yellow. Both are soft,calming color, but still feel warm and energetic.

10 Stylish Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas 08

It’s a great warm color scheme, you can follow this idea to update your kitchen for spring.

4. Style with Accent Color

When you go all bright with warm yellow tone, refresh the look by adding green accent. You can add green kitchen island, then decorate with green pendant lamps. Also, add some greenery to beautify the window area and complement the window with green shades.

10 Stylish Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas 07

Warm and bright tones are perfect to turn your kitchen into a cheerful space.

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5. Brighten Up White Kitchen with Pastel Tone

For a modern white kitchen, you can apply pastel tone to brighten up the space. Paint the upper cabinet using blue color, this elegant tone allows you to enhance the modern look of your white kitchen.

10 Stylish Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas 06

This contemporary design is suitable for small kitchen.

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6. Let Your Kitchen Island be the Focal Point

A stunning bright yellow kitchen island is the best to create statement in a more muted hue like gray. Gray is always an elegant contemporary color, while the addition of yellow bring up a cozy ambiance to the space.

10 Stylish Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas 05

To add more glam and drama, decorate with a beautiful light fixture.

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7. Strike through the Center

This idea is great to define space, as well as to create statement, in an open-plan kitchen. Choose any bold color you like to break the neutral surrounding. Also, choose the kitchen furniture in the same color for a more integrated look.

10 Stylish Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas 04

The cylinder range hood is great to add style and enhance the symmetrical kitchen design.

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8. Add Some Retro Vibe

Another way to cheer up a white kitchen is by adding some retro tones. Pair the white wall with a fresh green color that matches the chairs. The design will be perfect with a red enamel retro stove.

10 Stylish Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas 03

This colorful kitchen looks cozy and inviting. It can be a perfect hangout space you’ll love.

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9. Vintage Treasure

If you love vintage style, you are going to love to fill your kitchen with these colorful oldies cabinets. Since you already have crazy color combo, keep the kitchen wall neutral by applying a light neutral color such as beige.

10 Stylish Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas 02

Neutral wall can be a great canvas for those colorful cabinets and appliances.

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10. Keep Experimenting with Color Combinations

To get an excellent kitchen color scheme, you can either follow the trends or be creative and create your own color combination. Use any color you like, or try pairing unique colors and make a combination that you’ve never seen anywhere before. The key is to always keep the balance between the light and dark color.

10 Stylish Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas 01

Try a clashing color combo. Pair your grayish wall with dark blue cabinets, then complement with purple chairs.

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