9 Best Color-Blocking Wall Ideas You’ll Love

Pairing two or three different colors to create a bold statement is not only fun, but also a clever way to brighten up your room. The idea of color-blocking is to paint the wall using contrasting colors in different blocks, shapes, and lines to give any room in the house a more energetic ambiance. There are various ways to create shapes with color-blocking from the floor to the ceiling by using paint. To spice things up, you can also mix it with colorful furniture, textiles, or even accessories.

If you are sick of hanging a bunch of decorative items to spruce up your walls, color-blocking is your answer to refresh your wall effortlessly that is also budget-friendly. All you need is paints in different colors and creativity. To help you start, these gorgeous color-blocking wall ideas can be your inspirations.


1. Start Simple

Color block your narrow hallway half-and-half. If you’re not sure what color to use or still not brave enough to go with bold colors, stick to neutral tones. You can pair white with any shade of beige or gray.

9 Best Color Blocking Wall Ideas 09

This color-blocking style can give the illusion of a wider hallway.

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2. Make a Breakthrough

This idea is also simple and easy to apply. Paint the walls, door, trim, and even the ceiling in dark color, then strike with a bright color.

9 Best Color Blocking Wall Ideas 08

The key to color-blocking is being brave with your paint color choices. Give a punch to your dark green wall with an unexpected turmeric color.

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3. Set Up a Cheerful Home Office Corner

Color-blocking is a perfect way to decorate while avoiding clutter on the wall. it’s suitable for the home office space. Create an angled shape with bold color to define the home office area on the corner of the room.

9 Best Color Blocking Wall Ideas 07

For the wall is already beautifully spruced up with colors, the frame can go on the floor to create balance and so that white part doesn’t look empty.

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4. Include the Floor

If you want to create a strong statement, paint the walls to match the floor. Paint the lower part of the wall with darker color and use a neutral shade above. That’s how you put more weight close to the floor and keep the upper part light so the room still feels airy.

9 Best Color Blocking Wall Ideas 06

To pull the look together, pick up the colors of the walls for the furniture and decorative objects.

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5. Overlapping Colors

Incorporate geometric shapes to create an accent wall in your kitchen. Make it look like the colors overlapping each others.

9 Best Color Blocking Wall Ideas 05

You can mix several shades of one color.

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6. Art Deco Tiles

Besides paint, you can also color block using tiles. Create an abstract geometric pattern with colorful tiles. Don’t forget to include color that match the wall paint so the design looks integrated.

9 Best Color Blocking Wall Ideas 04

The arched door way makes for a great frame for the view of the next room.

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7. Go All Out

When you already get in the mood of color-blocking, why don’t you go all out? Strongly define every space in your house using one color—not only for the walls or ceiling, but also all the furniture and accessories.

9 Best Color Blocking Wall Ideas 03

You can use any color combination, but make sure to pair dark and light color for balance.

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8. Add Colorful Furniture on the Mix

Make your kitchen look edgy and classy with color-blocking. You can pair a neutral wall with green cabinets and pink backsplash.

9 Best Color Blocking Wall Ideas 02

For more, you can add a dining table with a matching color to the cabinets. Then, complement with dark blue chairs to create a bold accent.

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9. Get Artistic with Geometric Shapes

You don’t have to be an artist to create an artistic living room with adorable wall mural. Try mixing and matching geometric shapes and colors, from the walls to ceiling to area rug. To enhance the design, match with bold colored furniture then decorate the room with stunning light fixtures.

9 Best Color Blocking Wall Ideas 01

The curtain also plays as one block of color, so does the couch.

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Color-blocking is a great way to take your color scheming to a next level. It’s time for you to try color-blocking and make your home look vibrant and feel fresh.

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