10 Stylish Hallway Lighting Ideas

The hallway can be the perfect space to make a great first impression, but it’s often overlooked. You can impress your guests with a stylish and welcoming feel as they walk through the door by choosing the right lighting for the hallway. Whether it’s a small hallway or a spacious one, a stylish hallway lighting can create a statement and transform the space. Find out the best hallway lighting ideas below to turn your own hallway into a beautiful space.


1. Create a Focal Point

Choose a simple lighting design that catches the eye and make it the focal point of the entrance hallway. This classic geometric light, for example, will steal attention as you open the door. The clear shade shows off the bulbs, make the area look warm and inviting.

10 Stylish Hallway Lighting Ideas 10

You can make the light the only decoration in the hallway to make sure it gets the full attention without any distraction.

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2. Combine Different Lighting

Depends on the atmosphere you want to create in the hallway, you can combine different light sources to serve different purposes. You can combine a pendant light, that is more practical for day-to-day use, with a table lamp that gives a warm, atmospheric feel.

10 Stylish Hallway Lighting Ideas 09

The pendant light also enhance the height of the ceiling, this makes a narrow space feel more airy.

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3. Use Wall-Lighting to Illuminate the Arched Ceiling

Lighting is a great option to illuminate and add a touch of sophistication to a specific zone in the house. You can use wall lamps to add a dramatic highlight to your arched ceiling.

10 Stylish Hallway Lighting Ideas 08

This type of lighting can be a great complement to your gallery hallway.

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4. Beautiful Contrast

You don’t want your stylish hallway lighting to go unnoticed, that’s why you should consider to pick a light in a contrasting color to the surrounding. For a narrow hallway, apply white color scheme to make it feel spacious.The good thing with white is that you pick any color for the lighting to create a beautiful contrast.

10 Stylish Hallway Lighting Ideas 07

Add green to refresh the look, so that the neutral scheme doesn’t look pale.

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5. Pair It with Rug

Sometimes, the lighting alone can still make the hallway feel empty. You may not only want to style up, but also down. Add a runner rug that matches the hallway style to add more warmth and comfort.

10 Stylish Hallway Lighting Ideas 06

Pair the rattan chandeliers with a colorful rug to create a simple yet impressive boho chic hallway.

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6. Make a Statement with Vintage Chandelier

If you have a small hallway, you can take advantage of a beautiful lighting design with interesting details to create a dramatic statement. It will attract the attention in the room, so anyone will focus on the beauty and forget how small the hallway really is.

10 Stylish Hallway Lighting Ideas 05

This beautiful chandelier with flower and leaves details is a great option to steal anyone’s eye.

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7. Add Industrial Touch

If you like some industrial feel in the hallway, you can add plumbing pipe lights to the ceiling. Match the color of the pipe with the trim to make the design look pull together.

10 Stylish Hallway Lighting Ideas 04

The typical yellow light from this industrial lighting create a warm, rustic feeling along the hallway.

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8. Modern Lighting

For a minimalist modern style, you can use LED lights to create statement in the hallway. This design shows that you can still get some luxury even in a really narrow hallway.

10 Stylish Hallway Lighting Ideas 03

When you choose the right lighting, it’s okay to paint a narrow space in a dark color. This hallway looks elegant in gray color scheme.

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9. Focus on the Ground

When it comes to hallway lighting, you don’t have to only focus on the ceiling. You can apply a floor lighting to create a different feel in the hallway.

10 Stylish Hallway Lighting Ideas 02

There are various type of floor lamps you can choose depend on the illumination you want to create in the hallway, you can light it up or side ways.

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10. Create Patterns on the Ceiling

If you want the hallway to not just look spruced up but also artistic, choose a shadow casting type lights. This type of light will cast a beautiful pattern on the ceiling or the walls around it.

10 Stylish Hallway Lighting Ideas 01

It’s a great idea to effortlessly add details to your design.

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