10 Times Painted Trim Transforms Your Room

Paint is the easiest way to give a fresh new look to your home. We usually think of painting our walls, but you can always experiment with paint. From the kitchen cabinets to the bedroom walls or the furniture, paint can cheer up any room in the house.

There is another way to bring an energy to any room and make a true statement using colors, and it’s through painted trim. While wood trim is beautiful as it is, painted trim on the other hand can highlight the space, accentuate the wall color, and even make a pretty wallpaper look more shining. These ideas below will show you how painted trim transforms and makes for the perfect frame for your rooms.


1. Sweet and Simple

The teal color creates a good balance to the yellow tone of the patterned wallpaper. It makes a unique and prominent pairing.

10 Times Painted Trim Transforms Your Room 04

Besides using bright color for the walls, you can make your small space feel much larger with dark trim.

2. Frame Those Colors

When everything else is already too much, stick to the basic white. Plain trim can still give a striking result, especially in a colorful room like this.

10 Times Painted Trim Transforms Your Room 05

The white trim pulls together the white mantel, it’s a perfect color to frame each wall and make the room looks like an art gallery.

3. The More the Merrier

If you are into maximalism, it’s like you can’t get enough color and pattern. You can apply patterned trim to give an add to the aesthetic of your maximalist room.

10 Times Painted Trim Transforms Your Room 08

The light blue patterned trim blends well in this room color scheme.

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4. Gorgeous Stairs

You can use the combination of white and dark green colors for the stairs to make it look neat and pretty.

10 Times Painted Trim Transforms Your Room 07

The combination of bright or neutral color with a hint of darker color can define the space better. You can use other contrasting color combinations.

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5. Elegant Arches

Choose classic gray color to add elegance to the beautiful arched windows. You can also pick up this color as the accent color for the chandelier.

10 Times Painted Trim Transforms Your Room 06

Classic gray shade is so subtle that it makes the wood furniture pop and look stunning.

6. Go Bold

Bold red trim will steal attention to the door way. It also creates a great statement, especially when it’s paired with black accent walls.

10 Times Painted Trim Transforms Your Room 09

The bold statement makes an impressive pause as you walk along this neutral hallway.

7. Try Minty Green

To create a fresh and pretty kitchen look, add minty green accent to your white kitchen. Use the matching color for the trim, door, cabinets, and even the kitchen appliances.

10 Times Painted Trim Transforms Your Room 10

For a more chic look, you can choose checker tiling.

Image source

8. Bright Blush

Tall pink doors can be the perfect option for a feminine bedroom. It’s a soft and sweet color that can add a romantic feel to the bedroom.

10 Times Painted Trim Transforms Your Room 03

The pink color looks stunning in neutral surrounding, and even prettier with the green nature as the background.

Image source

9. Unexpected Color Duo

The variety of paint colors allows you to experiment with the color combinations. You can try this orange and purple pairing.

10 Times Painted Trim Transforms Your Room 02

Then, make the room more warm and cheerful with boho decorations.

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10. Tri-tone Color Scheme

If you love a colorful living space, try applying tri-tone color scheme to your room. You can use different trim colors like in this room. The yellow window frame matches the door, while the pink door frame matches the wall. The third color, light blue, is used for the accent.

10 Times Painted Trim Transforms Your Room 01

A different shade of pink is applied on the floor to define the space.

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