5 Inspirational Rear Facade Ideas

Facade is an important exterior that represents the character of the entire house, and makes the first impression. We usually focus on the front facade to create a great first impression, but the rear facade is as important. If you have a backyard patio, especially, an aesthetically pleasing rear facade will make your relaxing time or family gathering feels more enjoyable and entertaining. If you are looking for rear facade inspirations, you can refer to these 5 beautiful rear facade ideas.


1. Cheerful and Bright

To create a cheerful vibe in your backyard, apply bright colors for your rear facade. You can combine it with wood or other natural material, and some greenery to enhance the look of the exterior.

5 Inspirational Rear Facade Ideas 10

Yellow is the perfect color for a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere. You can add a wood pergola and green plants for a fresh and airy nature feel.

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Or, you can stick to neutral color scheme and give a little surprise with a hint of bright accent color to cheer up the space.

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2. Bring Up the Natural Beauty

Give a touch of nature to beautify your house exterior. You can create a small garden, or plant vines or climbers to cover the wall. Green is always a great way to make the facade feel fresh and natural.

5 Inspirational Rear Facade Ideas 08

The climbers make a beautiful accent for this corner wall. Moreover, the textured walls make them easier to grow and climb.

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5 Inspirational Rear Facade Ideas 07

Plant vines on your pergola extension to shade your poolside deck so that the hangout space feels more comfortable.

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3. Luxurious and Attractive

You can make your rear facade looks luxurious and attractive by combining wood and glass materials. Place a large glass doors or windows and pair them with wood accent wall or furniture.

5 Inspirational Rear Facade Ideas 06

This facade with large glass windows and wood accent looks elegant with black theme. The patio is large enough to throw a party or to have a family gathering.

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5 Inspirational Rear Facade Ideas 05

Another great option is to create a half wood and half glass facade like this beautiful house.

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4. Tropical Facade

For those of you who love a tropical atmosphere like in Bali, this rear facade ideas are for you. Place a comfortable furniture on your patio, then surround it with green walls, trees, and greenery. Your relaxing moments with your family or friends are guaranteed to be more fun.

5 Inspirational Rear Facade Ideas 04

The blue color of the cushions refresh the green look of the surrounding.

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5 Inspirational Rear Facade Ideas 03

Tropical is a great theme for a backyard pool. Pair the natural elements with neutral patio color scheme.

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5. Backyard Lounge

With the right design, you can turn your backyard into a pleasant lounge area to spend time with your family. You can utilize the extra space in the backyard to set up an outdoor dining space, or create a comfortable patio complete with fire pit.

5 Inspirational Rear Facade Ideas 02

This great landscaping design divides the backyard with three different kinds of flooring. The sand flooring and the fire pit make it feel like a beach vacation, while the colorful throw pillows will cheer up and make your day.

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5 Inspirational Rear Facade Ideas 01

Add wicker furniture to your green backyard. It blends well with the natural surrounding, and will make your patio feel homy.

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