9 Simple Ways to Bring Nature into Your Home

After the stress of work or busy day of life, you need a soothing and peaceful atmosphere to help you relax and calm your body and mind. Bringing nature into your home can help you create a tranquil space that allows you to recharge and make you feel fresh.

There are various ways to bring nature into your home, from the selection of materials and accessories to the room planning. For your inspiration, here are 9 practical ways to bring the natural atmosphere into your home.


1. Tropical nuance in the bedroom

Combining tropical and modern style in the master bedroom can be a brilliant idea. You can add a large windows that will allow you to see the view of the vertical garden outside. Also, incorporate wood flooring and modern furniture to enhance the natural feel.

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Greenery is soothing and calming, it will improve your mood and help you relax.

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2. Contemporary country style

Contemporary country style becomes the main theme in this living room. The selection of wood material for the window frame, furniture, and accessories, also the addition of plants in the corner of the room give a strong natural impression.

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The large windows also play an important role to allow plenty of natural light in the room, making it more eco-friendly.

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3. Minimalist elegant interior

Simplicity is the characteristic of this room. The furniture used is simple but stylish, the decor is also minimalist but beautiful and elegant. The use of natural elements, such as wood, rattan, glass, and the addition of green plants accentuate the natural atmosphere in this room.

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Simplicity makes the room feel more open and inviting.

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4. Artistic touch

Besides using a lot of natural material, you can add the aesthetic in the room by hanging an artwork. An artistic touch will make your space not only relaxing but also entertaining.

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A unique wooden coffee table, stylish chandelier, beautiful painting that matches the beautiful flowers, transparent glass desk—this room creates the best luxurious feeling ever.

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5. Futuristic design with natural touch

The futuristic kitchen set with a touch of wood material, paired with stylish metal bar stools creates a charming kitchen look. A rattan planter freshen up the area, making it feel more inviting.

9 Simple Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home 05

As for the decoration, a couple of hanging pendant light is great to add style and luxury to the space.

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6. Open-plan retro kitchen

You can also bring a natural ambiance in a modern retro style, like this kitchen. Combine white with wood for a warm, neutral feel and add plants to give a green accent.

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Opt for modern accessories, such as stainless faucet, to create a more elegant look.

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7. Add rustic elements

Adding rustic elements to the decor is another great way to create a close-to-nature interior design. A rustic round tray coffee table, paired with rustic planter and wood stool give a warm, natural rustic feel to this living room.

9 Simple Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home 03

To make the room more comfortable, add faux fur blanket that adds texture and warmth.

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8. Include natural light

In addition to material selection, you can bring natural feel into your bedroom by placing a large window that allows a lot of natural light to enter the room. Natural light not only brighten and warm up the room, it’s also calming and can help you get a good rest.

9 Simple Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home 02

This arched window adds style to the room, also allows you to enjoy the outdoor view.

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9. Seamless design

Besides incorporating natural elements in the interior, you can still feel the natural ambiance in the house by creating a seamless design. Apply frameless floor-to-ceiling windows, they will make the room feel connected to the outdoor area.

9 Simple Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home 01

Choose neutral or earth color scheme that can blend well with the green view outside.

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