10 Easy Ways to Update Your Boring Wall

Do you have an amazing look of your home but feel like the décor could do with a lift? Maybe now is the right time for you to change the décor a little bit to refresh the look of your home. For you already have the look you love, you don’t need to start over with an entirely new design. It would be more simple, but highly effective, to only refresh the look of the wall.

There are many other ways to make your walls look more beautiful other than playing with colorful paint. These ideas below can be your inspiration.


1. Sweet Wallpaper

You don’t even have to change the color scheme. Just adding a little pattern to the wall can instantly transform the wall.

10 Easy Ways To Update Your Boring Wall 11

Choose a simple patterned wallpaper, so that you can stick to the minimalism and the wall wouldn’t look busy.

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2. Cute Wall Sticker

This one also wouldn’t need any replacement. You just need to add a gorgeous wall sticker to fill the empty space on the wall.

10 Easy Ways To Update Your Boring Wall 10

The colorful floral patterned cat stretches adorably on the desk. It’s a great way to decorate the desk without taking up any space on it.

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3. Gallery Wall

If you have a spacious empty area on the wall, you can decorate it with various sizes of paintings or pictures. Match the paintings with the room color accent, or choose paintings that match the color of the wall.

10 Easy Ways To Update Your Boring Wall 09

It would be easier to choose the type of pictures to hang if you have specific theme for your room décor. For example, this green living room incorporates natural theme.

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10 Easy Ways To Update Your Boring Wall 08

This idea is also great to spruce up that sad little corner in your bedroom.

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4. Chalkboard Accent Wall

This one not only will refresh the space, but is also functional. Pick a wall to paint with a chalkboard paint. You can draw on it, write notes to the family member, or list down the grocery.

10 Easy Ways To Update Your Boring Wall 07

When you choose this type of decorating, make sure the rest of the room are in neutral or bright colors.

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5. Build A Wall Niche

You might need to knock out some part of your wall for this, but the result will make a big impact. A wall niche is a great way to display your decoration, you can also use it as a storage.

10 Easy Ways To Update Your Boring Wall 06

Add wood panels to create a mounted shelf. This look is great for a farmhouse décor.

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6. Add shelves

If a wall niche sounds like a lot of work, you can add shelves instead. You can still keep your interior design sleek and clean by choosing a shelf that has a similar color to the wall.

10 Easy Ways To Update Your Boring Wall 05

If you want, you can combine it with a gallery wall to make the décor more interesting.

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7. Give It A Light

If you have a beautiful artwork on your décor, you should consider installing some spotlight to highlight the beauty.

10 Easy Ways To Update Your Boring Wall 04

But it doesn’t stop there, you can also pair this amazing wall art with a couple of stylish chandeliers. Such an artistic décor will make your dining area feel luxurious.

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8. Stacking Storage

If you need some room refreshment as well as additional storage, you can add this stacking storage boxes to your room.

10 Easy Ways To Update Your Boring Wall 03

Choose wooden boxes if you like rustic decorations. It’s a great idea to decorate the stairs area.

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9. Hang A Large Mirror

You must be familiar with the idea of using mirror to make your room feel more spacious. However, mirrors not only can do that trick, they also can make any room look more beautiful. Especially when you have an adorable bold colored walls.

10 Easy Ways To Update Your Boring Wall 02

This round mirror looks like a piece of wall art when it beautifully reflects the opposite side of the room.

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10. Add Some Tropical Decoration

Last but not least, you can refresh your wall by hanging some planters. You can utilize a coat hook rack to hang various types of planters.

10 Easy Ways To Update Your Boring Wall 01

Adding living plants will make any room in the house feel fresh and airy.

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Wall is the most fun space in the house to decorate. Also, it’s the most flexible area to refresh or remodel at any time you like. The options to decorating your wall are limitless, but you can start with these ideas to help you begin.

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