10 Best Patio Furniture Ideas

The weather is getting warmer. This is the right time to create a luxurious outdoor hangout space so that you can take full advantage of the warm weather. It would be a lot more enjoyable if you have a space you love spending time in. So, whether you have a small deck, tiny balcony, or a spacious garden, check out all this stylish patio furniture ideas for your inspiration.


1. Simple Seating

You can create a cozy and relaxing space with only a few furniture pieces. While an apartment balcony has a limited space, you need to keep both seating and decoration simple. A few tiny planters are enough to freshen up the space. As for the color palette, you can combine white, light blue, and warm wood tone that are known to be very calming and relaxing.

10 Best Patio Furniture Ideas 10

Don’t forget to add throw pillows, blanket, and rug for your comfort.

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2. Cozy up that tiny patio

Tiny space shouldn’t keep you from having a comfortable hangout space. Find a bench that fit to the space, and add comfy cushion and throw pillows. Add a rug that match the color of the throw pillows.

10 Best Patio Furniture Ideas 09

You can put a tiny planter inside a vintage lantern for the decoration.

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3. Breakfast patio

An outdoor dining room can be your next favorite gathering space. You can choose a country french dining furniture, it’s stylish, warm, and rustic that is so comfortable and inviting.

10 Best Patio Furniture Ideas 08

Pair the dining set with a pedestal table that can serve as a buffet table.

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4. Colorful oasis

If you are a free spirited person and love a more cheerful and fun design, this colorful patio may be the perfect one for you. Mix and match colors and patterns as you want, it’s best to choose the bright colors that can also improve your mood.

10 Best Patio Furniture Ideas 07

Not only play with colors, you should also try to mismatch the chairs.

5. Add ambiance

You can set a romantic mood by placing purple furniture in the patio. It would be great if you also have a garden near the patio, the colorful flowers will add to the the romantic ambiance in this space.

10 Best Patio Furniture Ideas 06

Use different shades of purple for the table and the chairs for a beautiful gradation. If you want, you can also add patio umbrella.

6. Wicker furniture

Wicker is a great material for outdoor furniture. The neutral color make wicker furniture blend easily to the surrounding. Choose wicker couch and benches with cushion, then decorate with colorful throw pillows and lampions.

10 Best Patio Furniture Ideas 05

This makes for a great decoration for poolside patio.

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7. Poolside lounge

When choosing for a poolside furniture, it’s better to opt for a weatherproof material. This bamboo lounge chairs and metal round coffee table can be a great option.

10 Best Patio Furniture Ideas 04

A poolside patio that is surrounded by some greenery is everyone’s dream home spot.

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8. Bistro nook

If you just need a little space in the corner to enjoy a cup of coffee or reading morning paper, a bistro set will be enough.

10 Best Patio Furniture Ideas 03

This simple seating on a gravel flooring still offers you style and elegance.

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9. Outdoor kitchen

Here, you’ll have more than just a grill, but a full-fledged outdoor kitchen. There are cabinetry with stone countertop, even a stone kitchen island complete with wooden bar stools with metal bases.

10 Best Patio Furniture Ideas 02

For outdoor kitchen, you need materials that is very durable and resistant to weathers. Natural materials such as stone, wood, and metal are the best choices.

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10. Backyard hammock

It doesn’t have to be lounge chairs or couches, a chic hammock can also be a perfect space to enjoy the fresh air in the backyard.

10 Best Patio Furniture Ideas 01

Add blanket and throw pillows to add comfort, and complement with stylish side table.

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