5 Creative Kids’ Bedroom Decor Ideas

Decorating kids’ bedroom can be tricky, because kids always full of imagination that they may constantly going back and forth on their favorite theme. On the other side, you want a more long-lasting space that you don’t have to redo every year or two. Therefore, you need to design a bedroom that really attract their interest, also stay relevant as they get older. These inspiration will help you create a space that will grow with your child.


1. Create a drawing gallery

Consider turning your kids’ drawings into a special gallery wall. Simply frame the drawings and find an empty wall space in the bedroom to arrange them. Your kids will have the space to adore their artworks, and to proudly show it off to friends and family.

5 Creative Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas 10

Start with painting the wall in your kid’s favorite color, then use different types of frame for the drawings to create interesting gallery wall.

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5 Creative Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas 09

You can also display the drawings on a white backdrop without frames. This will still feel like an art gallery.

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2. Simple geometric design

Geometric patterns are timeless, it’s great for a bedroom design that grows with your child. Opt for simple geometric shapes, such as circle or triangle. You can incorporate geometric pattern in your kids’ bedroom by applying wallpaper, stencil, or wall stickers.

5 Creative Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas 08

You can use a simple geometric pattern to accent the wall. Pick a color accent from the rest decor to match to use.

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5 Creative Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas 07

Make it colorful. A kid’s bedroom should be having a cheerful and warm mood.

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3. Unique headboards

Kids’ bedrooms shouldn’t just have to be fun, you can make it look stylish at the same time. Add unique headboards that show off their personality, or depends on their interests.

5 Creative Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas 06

This cute cloud-shaped headboard is easy to DIY. It would be a perfect bedroom for a sweet little girl with big dreams.

5 Creative Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas 05

With stylish headboard, you can turn this bedroom into a little wonderland for your child.

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4. Reading Nook

Make your kids love reading by creating a cozy and fun spot for them to enjoy their books. Set up a reading corner in the bedroom with comfortable pillow cushions and their favorite stuffed animals.

5 Creative Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas 04

You can build a canopy fort to make the reading nook more fun and playful.

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5 Creative Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas 03

A little lounge corner with a fascinating bookshelf is also a great idea. Don’t forget to complement this corner with a little lounge couch.

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5. Dreamy adventure

It would be easier to decorate a room when you have specific themes. You can go all out, and fill the entire room with objects related to the theme. If your kids are adventurous and full of curiosity, these ideas would be perfect for them.

5 Creative Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas 02

Before they grow up and go on a real adventure, let the kids experience a little adventure in their own bedroom. This dinosaur theme is amazing, it may motivate them to learn more about the ancient life.

5 Creative Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas 01

If your kids love the animal world, why don’t give them a chance to enjoy a little safari in the bedroom? This will be so exciting for them.

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There are various ways to decorate kids’ bedroom, but the more important thing is creating a cozy and warm environment for sleeping. Also, make sure they feel happy and entertained in their bedroom.

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