10 Bedroom Essentials You Need Right Now

There is no specific rule when it comes to designing a perfect bedroom. However, there are several bedroom essentials every bedroom needs to make it more comfortable and look stylish as well, regardless of your personal style or budget. From soft bedding to good lighting to fluffy rug, here are 10 must-haves for a vivid and chic bedroom design.


1. Layered Bedding

In order to brighten up and make your bedroom look pulled together, you can always count on good, comfy bedding. Don’t let your bed feel empty with just two standard pillows, so add lots of colorful and textured pillows. Also, make sure you have soft sheets and fluffy duvet, and complete with a blanket throw.

10 Bedroom Essentials You Need Right Now 10

Layered bedding is the key to a warm and comfy bedroom.

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2. Stylish Headboard

Just like nice bedding, a fun headboard can instantly add a touch of personality and polish to the bedroom. Besides, it provides a good support for leaning back with a good book in bed.

10 Bedroom Essentials You Need Right Now 09

If there’s a furniture piece that signifies a grown-up bedroom, it would be stylish headboard.

3. A Comfy Rug

A bedroom will feel cold and uninviting without a rug. That’s why you need to add a rug to make sure you always step on something soft and warm when you get out of bed.

10 Bedroom Essentials You Need Right Now 08

Choose rug that adds texture, color, or pattern to your bedroom.

4. Good Curtains or Blinds

Plenty of natural lights sure can make the bedroom feel more cozy and inviting but, as the most intimate space in the house, it still needs some privacy. Add blinds or curtains that can filter in sunlight and provide privacy.

10 Bedroom Essentials You Need Right Now 07

Adding a window treatment will make your bedroom look more put together.

5. Sufficient Lighting

At night, you are going to need layered lighting. It’s important to have more than one source of light in the bedroom to keep it bright and cozy. You can add table lamps, a floor lamp in the corner, or overhead lamps.

10 Bedroom Essentials You Need Right Now 06

Beautiful chandelier is also essential to elevate the bedroom style.

6. Artistic Nightstands

It’s a no-brainer that having plenty of enclosed storage is a bedroom must. However, besides function, it’s time to also think about the aesthetics. Choose storage furniture that help you minimize clutter and beautify the room at the same time.

10 Bedroom Essentials You Need Right Now 05

This hand-carved three-drawer chest looks fancy, especially when it matches the headboard.

7. A Statement Mirror

Whether it’s a full-length version, round, or large one that hangs above a dresser, a mirror is a practical addition to style up any bedroom. It also adds a touch of glamour and make the bedroom feel more bright and airy by bouncing light around the room.

10 Bedroom Essentials You Need Right Now 04

A full-length mirror sets your bedroom up as a place to get ready.

8. Personal Decor

For bedroom is a private space of your own, you want to showcase more of your personality here. You should decorate with bold accents or items that meaningful for you, such as pictures, favorite books, vases of flowers, or your collectibles.

10 Bedroom Essentials You Need Right Now 03

Personal decor makes the bedroom feel truly you.

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9. Add Bed Bench

Consider investing for a fancy bed bench, this furniture piece can add a hint of style, seating, and storage. You can match the bench to your room style, or pick a bold one to create statement.

10 Bedroom Essentials You Need Right Now 02

The stylish green bed bench makes for a great accent in this neutral farmhouse bedroom.

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10. Colorful Graphic Art

An eye-catching artwork can be an intimate expression of your personal style. Hang your favorite painting or colorful abstract print above the headboard to add depth and color into the bedroom.

10 Bedroom Essentials You Need Right Now 01

An art piece is a great way to liven up your bedroom wall.

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Do you already have those items in your bedroom? You can use this inspirations as a checklist to bring each of the bedroom essentials into your own space.

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