10 Stylish Purple Bedroom You’ll Love

Purple is a soft and sweet color. Shades of purple have been associated with luxury, power, and creativity. Even though purple is an attractive color, it’s not the common color used for the master bedroom. Many people think this color only appropriates for child’s bedroom or feminine bedroom. However, when done right, purple can be sophisticated and contemporary in the master bedroom. Keep scrolling for 10 bedroom decorating ideas that incorporate purple.


1. Go Bold

If you love purple, you can go all out with purple wall and purple bedding. Then, accent with a dark blue color. As long as you find the right design, it’s okay to apply dark purple color theme in your small bedroom.

10 Stylish Purple Bedroom You’ll Love 10

Deep purple is a rich color with strong character, it can bring a luxurious and elegant feel even to a small bedroom.

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2. Think Accessories

The key to decorating with purple color is knowing your aesthetic. Adding an interesting accessory, such as flush mount ceiling chandelier with beautiful illumination, and elevate your bedroom style.

10 Stylish Purple Bedroom You’ll Love 09

The light fixture adds glamour to this neutral farmhouse bedroom with purple accent.

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3. Classy and Elegant Traditional Bedroom

Accenting with purple shade can make your bedroom look classy and elegant. You can add the accent on the bed and the drapery.

10 Stylish Purple Bedroom You’ll Love 08

Decorating neutral with shade of purple turn this classic into a dream bedroom.

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4. Sparkling Purple

Purple bedroom can feel gloomy sometimes. Use a bedding set with dazzling glitters to add more sparks to the bedroom so that the space look brighter and livelier.

10 Stylish Purple Bedroom You’ll Love 07

This purple bedroom design is a little eccentric but looks very, very beautiful.

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5. Romantic Bedroom

To create a soft, romantic ambiance, use a grayish purple color like this one. Add floral patterned bedding, then decorate with unique hanging lamps.

10 Stylish Purple Bedroom You’ll Love 06

Purple is a great alternative to pink color when it comes to setting a romantic mood in the bedroom.

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6. Match It with Green

Dark purple and dark green are both bold colors that still have a calming effect. The combination of purple and green will result a bedroom with a really strong character. You might want to add a contrasting color, such as white, to balance the look.

10 Stylish Purple Bedroom You’ll Love 05

Not only the colors, the bulky knitted blanket also make the bedroom feel warmer and more comfortable.

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7. Rustic Details

Purple has various shades to play around with. Mix and match several shades of purple for your bedroom. Then, decorate with rustic items to determine your style and personality.

10 Stylish Purple Bedroom You’ll Love 04

Purple is a fun shade for color blocking.

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8. Colorful Industrial Bedroom for Teen Girls

Industrial style is seems masculine, but not really when it comes with purple theme. For a teen spirit, decorate the purple bedroom with various bright colors. It can be green, yellow, or white.

10 Stylish Purple Bedroom You’ll Love 03

Consider to also add pink to the mix to enhance the soft and feminine side of the bedroom.

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9. Pretty Shared Bedroom

Dark purple for the wall and lilac for the bedding, this bedroom feels formal but still fun for kids with unique door headboard and sparkling chandelier.

10 Stylish Purple Bedroom You’ll Love 02

Combining purple shades with light wood tone is a great idea.

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10. Purple Bedroom for Kids

Purple can make for a beautiful color to use in a coastal themed kid’s bedroom. Choose lilac shades with blue accent, then decorate with sea animal shaped objects. Your kids are going to love this.

10 Stylish Purple Bedroom You’ll Love 01

The combination of purple and blue is suitable for either boys or girls.

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Not only calming, purple color can also bring a dramatic effect into your bedroom. You should start use purple to decorate your bedroom. If it’s not painting the entire walls in purple, at least you give the room a hint of purple.

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