9 Adorable Mid-Century Modern Furniture You Can DIY

Mid-century modern style is a timeless style that can last for generations to come. The furniture is carved in style such that it gives the impression of an always fresh and contemporary look. The combination of sleek lines, smooth curves, and warm colors make the mid-century modern furniture has its own charm.

However, because of its steady popularity, purchasing the real pieces can be expensive. If you really want to add a touch of mid-century modern furniture in your home, these DIY ideas can be the alternative that will save you a lot money.


1. Mid-century night stand

This mid-century nightstand with hairpin legs is simple and very easy to create. The materials used are also easy to find, and more importantly, they’re not expensive.

9 Adorable MidCentury Modern Furniture You Can DIY 10

The unfinished look shows off the beautify of the plywood’s grain. But you can paint it if you want.

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2. Mid-century planters

If you love decorating with plants, it would be great if you can create your own stylish planters. All you need to do is gluing two different sizes of bowls together. This might be simple, but can add a big style to your space.

9 Adorable MidCentury Modern Furniture You Can DIY 09

As for the color, white is the perfect choice. It’s neutral so it would go well with any color scheme and style.


3. Mid-century planter stands

You can complement your planters with eye-catching stands. This one uses tapered legs which is one of the detailing you can find in most of mid-century modern design.

9 Adorable MidCentury Modern Furniture You Can DIY 08

Create different heights of stands to create an adorable arrangement. This decoration is great to fill the empty corners in your house.


4. Round side table

Using the similar design with the planter stands, you can create this pretty and stylish side table. The body is made of a large cake pan that is covered with round wooden tabletop.

9 Adorable MidCentury Modern Furniture You Can DIY 07

The pink cake pan add a feminine touch to the minimalist shape.

9 Adorable MidCentury Modern Furniture You Can DIY 06

If you’re wondering, the pan is also functioned as a hidden storage.

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5. Vintage nightstand

You actually can create this nightstand using plywood, but there’s another option that will save you more money and time. Find a piece with good bones at a thrift shop or garage sale, then repaint it.

9 Adorable MidCentury Modern Furniture You Can DIY 05

Remove a drawer to create space for books, and paint the inside using different color for a more interesting design.

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6. An elegant coffee table

For this DIY project, you might need a jigsaw to create the amoeba shape. This type of coffee table has become the center of attention in many mid-century modern living room.

9 Adorable MidCentury Modern Furniture You Can DIY 04

Instead of plywood, use thick MDF that is easier to shape.

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7. Honeycomb shelves

Another thing that never goes out of style is geometric pattern. Honeycomb shelves is a great idea to create statement on the wall. This can be a little tricky to create a perfect hexagonal shape, you need to have the right measurement for each plywood piece.

9 Adorable MidCentury Modern Furniture You Can DIY 03

Add accent by painting the wall bordered by the shelf.

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8. Mirrors

A sunburst mirror is also one of the signature pieces in mid-century modern interior. There are various options of it in the market, but you will get a more specific size and style that suits your space by DIY-ing it.

9 Adorable MidCentury Modern Furniture You Can DIY 02

Once it done, the result looks more expensive. This mirror is a great way to add style to your bedroom.

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9. Mid-century dresser

This one is a bigger DIY project that needs more skill and patience, but the result will worth your extra work. Besides, it will also save you a lot of dollars.

9 Adorable MidCentury Modern Furniture You Can DIY 01

You can place the dresser in your bedroom, or show off that hard work in the entrance area of your house.

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The best thing of mid-century modern design is that it can work effortlessly with any decor style. Also, for most of the mid-century modern furniture shapes are minimalist, they are easy and simple enough to DIYed.

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