5 Bedroom Designs that Reflect Your Personality

Out of every space in your house, your bedroom is without a doubt the most personal. That’s why a bedroom design should showcase your character or personality. Different designs could represent different personalities. Here are 5 bedroom designs that might suit your personality.

1. Scandinavian Style for a Minimalist and Nature-Lover

Scandinavian style is known for its simplicity and connection to nature. The interior includes natural materials such as hemp or wood. There’s a particular color palette for the Scandinavian style that is focus on neutral colors, it includes the hue of whites, browns, and gray. Adding decorations with pops of colors and fresh plants is also a necessity for Scandinavian style.

5 Bedroom Designs That Reflect Your Personality 10

This simple Scandinavian bedroom is suitable for those of you who love simplicity. The wood elements creates a cozy ambiance, it will be conducive to get a good night’s sleep.

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5 Bedroom Designs That Reflect Your Personality 09

Besides using natural elements, incorporating textures is also the characteristic of Scandinavian style. This will make the bedroom feel comfy and warmer.

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2. Black Theme for the Independent and Brave

Black is the signature color of the independent and brave individual. Adding black color accent can give an elegant impression to the room. You can apply black wall accent, bed, or decorations to transform your bedroom to match your personality.

5 Bedroom Designs That Reflect Your Personality 08

Black sure make any room look elegant. Just put in mind that dark colors can make the room feel gloomy and cramped, so it is essential to provide your black bedroom with plenty of light.

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5 Bedroom Designs That Reflect Your Personality 07

You can apply black theme for your boy’s room too. Add a hint of pop color, such as turmeric, to make the room feel brighter and warmer.

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3. Modern and Artistic Concept for Music Lovers

It is quite simple to design a bedroom for music lovers. Modern and artistic are the most suitable concept for them. Opt for modern styled decorations such as lamps, shelves, or bedding. As for the artistic touch, you can add posters of your favorite musicians.

5 Bedroom Designs That Reflect Your Personality 06

The well-designed white floor lamp gives a touch of modern style to this minimalist bedroom. Also, the artistic statement on the wall represents the love for music.

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5 Bedroom Designs That Reflect Your Personality 05

This bedroom really wraps up the concept of modern and artistic design. The music instrument wall art really transforms this modern bedroom.

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4. Minimalist Style for the Feminine

For those of you who like a more soft and simple design, this style can be your option. Use pastel colors for the walls, sheets, pillows, or curtains and match them with wooden furniture or flooring to give a natural atmosphere. Don’t forget to add decorative items to beautify the room.

5 Bedroom Designs That Reflect Your Personality 04

Pastel colors have a calming effect, this will make your bedroom feel more comfortable. For a minimalist style, always keep the decoration to a minimum or else your bedroom will look messy.

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5 Bedroom Designs That Reflect Your Personality 03

Decorate your bedside table with flowers to give more feminine touch to your bedroom.

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5. Vintage Style for the Artsy Type

Creativity plays an important role in an art lover’s bedroom design. One design that may be suitable for you with artsy spirit is the vintage style. You can apply old-school wooden furniture which is the characteristic of vintage style. Also, add vintage or rustic decorations. Just be free and creative to play with colors and you can mix styles if you want.

5 Bedroom Designs That Reflect Your Personality 02

Look at the frame arrangement, gallery wall is the classic vintage decoration.

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5 Bedroom Designs That Reflect Your Personality 01

Vintage style loves a mix of bold colors. Give your old furniture a makeover by painting it in bold colors such as green, orange, or aquamarine.

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So, which bedroom design suits your personality?

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