11 Small Bathroom Designs You’ll Want to Copy

Small bathroom usually look dull and cramped, that’s how it feels uncomfortable. However, it doesn’t mean that you should give up styling your bathroom to make it feel bright and cozy. With the right design and careful selection of the colors and materials, you can have a stunning and elegant bathroom. Check out these 11 small bathroom designs to help you make the most of your small bathroom.

1. Use a Bold Paint Color

The easiest way to transform your small bathroom is by adding bold color accent. A gray bathroom can look pale and dull, but a bold color accent can brighten up the room. If possible, install a window so that plenty of natural light can enter the room. This will make the bathroom feel even brighten and airy.

11 Small Bathroom Designs You 11

Blue color accent adds beauty to this elegant and stylish gray bathroom.

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2. Modern Vanity

For a small space, consider to apply a simpler design. Choose a vanity that also serve as a storage space so your small bathroom free from clutter. Add modern touch by applying a simple white sink like this one.

11 Small Bathroom Designs You 10

Using a large mirror is also a great idea for small space. It creates depth and give the illusion of a more spacious room.

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3. Mount a Few Floating Shelves

Just in case you need more storage space in your small bathroom, you can mount a few floating shelves. A corner above the toilet can be the perfect spot.

11 Small Bathroom Designs You 09

You should also consider to put some decorative objects on the shelves to cheer up and freshen up the corner.

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4. Simple Black and White

Minimalist is the most suitable style for small space. As for the color, the combination of black and white is anyone’s favorite. You can use black for the accent wall in your small bathroom. Apply geometric tiling to make it look more interesting.

11 Small Bathroom Designs You 08

A contrasting dark color gives depth to the room. You can add gold color accent and your cramped bathroom transform into a glamorous space.

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5. Two-Tone Walls

Still using the idea of utilizing contrasting color, you can create an elegant bathroom even if it’s small. Instead of white, you can use natural element such as wood and pair it with bold color. Add unique decoration to make your bathroom look stylish.

11 Small Bathroom Designs You 07

To complement the two-toned room, use sleek white sink and stool.

Image source

6. Floating Vanity

A floating vanity will open up the floor space so that the bathroom feels more airy. Choose a wood vanity if you want your bathroom feels warmer.

11 Small Bathroom Designs You 06

You can have a floating toilet as well to make it more fun, and use patterned floor tiling for the accent.

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7. Apply Fun Wallpaper

Another fun way to cheer up a small bathroom is by applying floral wallpaper. Use orange or other pop of colors to brighten up the room.

11 Small Bathroom Designs You 05

If you want some more, you can add potted plant to freshen up the room.

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8. Create Some Distractions

You can mix and match patterns to make a distraction from how small your space really is. This bathroom design shows you how it’s beautifully done.

11 Small Bathroom Designs You 04

Mix colorful patterned tiles for the bathroom floor and extend it to the wall. Then, complement your bathroom with modern bathtub and vanity.

Image source

9. Play With Texture

To decorate a small bathroom, use a mix of textures and textiles like for the walls, mat, and shower curtain. Texture make the bathroom more cozy and warm.

11 Small Bathroom Designs You 03

For those of you who love vintage style, this one will suit your taste.

Image source

10. Rustic Bathroom

Applying brick accent wall is another great idea to add texture to your bathroom. Pair the rustic wall with industrial wood vanity.

11 Small Bathroom Designs You 02

The texture of a brick wall creates more character to the space.

Image source

11. Greenery

Creating a spa-like feel is also possible even in cramped bathroom. All you need to do is simply add green plants.

11 Small Bathroom Designs You 01

Make sure your bathroom gets enough natural light so the plant will stay fresh.

Image source

Transforming your cramped bathroom into a stylish and elegant space is easy, those examples show you how. Do you find your favorite design?

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