10 Beautifully Unique Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities are essential element to have in your bathrooms. It usually includes sink and mirror, and sometimes it has open shelving or cabinets to store your bathroom equipment. To get a comfortable and effective vanity, it requires careful planning and attention to detail when designing it. You can even upgrade and add value to your bathroom by applying a unique bathroom vanity design. For your inspiration, here are 10 beautiful and unique bathroom vanity design ideas you can copy.

Marble Vanity

If luxury and elegance are what you desire, marble is the perfect option. White marble, especially, can create a beautiful shine when it illuminates the light from the pendant lamp. Complement your marble vanity with luxurious mirrors to make it look more amazing.

10 Beautifully Unique Bathroom Vanity 10

Extend the marble element to the floor and wall, you are going to adore the pattern it forms.

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Gold Accent

Another way to add luxury to your bathroom is by adding gold accent to the vanity. The glossy black vanity itself has brought an elegance to the room, but still complemented with golden accent of the mirror and the vanity’s legs

10 Beautifully Unique Bathroom Vanity 09

The gold accent, along with white marble tiles, also helps to brighten up the space.

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Strong Black

Black is bold and timeless, this shade is perfect for those of you who love impressive look. This vanity becomes more interesting with the combination of modern sink, classic mirror with golden frame, and rustic countertop.

10 Beautifully Unique Bathroom Vanity 08

Mix and match styles as necessary, this will make the bold and elegance more pronounced.

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With Pegboards

You can use pegboards in an unexpectedly chic way like this one. Incorporate a pegboard wall accent to your bathroom. Not only it makes for an interesting wall accent, it also functions to hang the mirror and your bathroom equipment.

10 Beautifully Unique Bathroom Vanity 07

Decorate with fresh plant to get a more natural and airy ambiance.

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Wood Floating Shelves

This one is a great example of an elegant and stylish bathroom. The wood floating shelf with white sink is really simple but it looks stunning especially in a black room like this.

10 Beautifully Unique Bathroom Vanity 06

Always remember the formula: use black, white, and wood to create an elegant, minimalist, and contemporary design.

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Incorporate Clear Glass Vessel

A simple and nearly invisible vessel can make for an interesting vanity look. Sitting on a wood countertop and paired with modern faucet, the cube vessel enhance the sturdy and masculine design of this bathroom vanity.

10 Beautifully Unique Bathroom Vanity 05

Installing light behind the mirrors can make the vanity look more stand out, it also creates a sense of depth.

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White Bowl

Nothing is more sophisticated than a black vanity with white bowl sink. The hook-like faucet with copper base also make this vanity look interesting.

10 Beautifully Unique Bathroom Vanity 04

A black and white vanity is perfect for a monochrome bathroom.

Cubical Vanity

This rose gold and brown marble vanity has an interesting shape. It looks like stacking cubical with marble sink as the base. Complemented with golden faucet and deep framed mirror, this vanity looks awesome.

10 Beautifully Unique Bathroom Vanity 03

This vanity design really accentuates pattern; even the mirror is cubical.

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Art Display

If you love art, you will love this handcarved bathroom vanity. Made of tropical hardwood with white furnish, the drawers really are the work of art.

10 Beautifully Unique Bathroom Vanity 02

You will have an elegant and glamorous vanity by pairing white with gold.

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Bicycle Vanity

Repurpose you old things to create a beautiful and unique vanity. You can transform you bicycle into a bathroom counter like this one.

10 Beautifully Unique Bathroom Vanity 01

Keep the front basket, you can use it to store your bathroom supplies.

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