10 Stunning Tile Ideas for Modern Bathroom

What are you excited for in 2020? If it is remodeling your bathroom, then we have 10 bathroom tiles ideas you can take as an inspiration. The easiest way to remodel your bathroom is by changing the tiles. There are various types and colors for your option out there. You can create a stunning bathroom by applying the right tiles. Check out the examples below.

1. Minimalist Gray

The first idea is for those of you who love a contemporary and minimalist design. Gray marble tiles is a great choice for it’s simple but still enhance the elegance of your bathroom.

10 Stunning Tile Ideas For Modern Bathroom 10

This idea is also suitable for small bathroom. The selection of floating vanity, stool, also the frameless glass shower make the bathroom feel more spacious.

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2. Textured White Walls

This amazing bathroom uses irregular rectangular tiles in different shades of white. It creates the illusion of texture that make the room cozy and airy.

10 Stunning Tile Ideas For Modern Bathroom 09

A modern floating vanity with large deep framed mirror is a great complement for this bathroom, along with the black framed window.

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3. Blue Tiles

If you plan to make a little change, you can apply tiles only for the shower area. This beautiful blue tiles is a great room separator idea for this open plan bathroom.

10 Stunning Tile Ideas For Modern Bathroom 08

To create a more dramatic look, install some lights on the wall that will beautifully illuminate the blue tiles.

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4. Mosaic Bathroom Tile

Add an elegant spark to your bathroom by pairing your gray wall with mosaic tile wall and floor. You can use other color instead of gray, but always choose mosaic tiles that have the same shade.

10 Stunning Tile Ideas For Modern Bathroom 07

Make sure the area get enough lighting, for gray can look dull sometimes.

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5. Bright and Bold Red

The easy way to design a bathroom is by using two contrasting colors. You can apply this bright and bold red tiles and pair it with white. It is a classic color combination but still look great in modern bathroom.

10 Stunning Tile Ideas For Modern Bathroom 06

If necessary, install a skylight window. Your bathroom will be brighter and warmer.

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6. Blue Ocean

You can go crazy with mosaic tiles and make your bathroom feel like it was deep down the ocean. This can be an unexpected theme for a spa-like bathroom.

10 Stunning Tile Ideas For Modern Bathroom 05

Match the blue shades with neutral color such as white or natural wood color.

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7. Unexpected Color Combo

This bathroom tile design might make your eyebrow raised at the first time, but then you cannot resist its beauty. It is really unusual to mix bold green color for the shower area with pink-and-red one for the floor. However, this combo can make your bathroom look stunning.

10 Stunning Tile Ideas For Modern Bathroom 04

The rattan weave baskets are not only functional, but also great as decorations.

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8. Mirror Bathroom

Mirror tile is a great idea for the bathroom. Not only makes for a beautiful wall accent, it also creates the illusion of bigger room. Mirror is a great element to combine with wood material.

10 Stunning Tile Ideas For Modern Bathroom 03

Arrange the mirror tiles in herringbone pattern to make it more interesting.

Image source

9. Sweet Pink

If you expect a simple and feminine design, you can follow this idea. Use pink tiles to create an accent wall for your modern vanity.

10 Stunning Tile Ideas For Modern Bathroom 02

Adding a gold color accent will make this vanity feel glamorous and stylish.

10. Colorful Art

It is very important to have a decoration that can make a statement for the entire room, especially in a really small bathroom. This will distract you from how cramped your bathroom feel. Use colorful mosaic tiles on one side of the walls and make it the main focus of your small bathroom.

10 Stunning Tile Ideas For Modern Bathroom 01

White serves as a great canvas for this colorful accent wall.

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