10 Adorable DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

Waiting for Christmas with your family will be so much fun with these handmade Advent calendar ideas. All of them are so easy to DIY, and you can add them to your decoration. Advent calendar is not only a fun way to count down the days to Christmas. It sometimes rewards you with treats or little presents. Find your inspiration for an Advent calendar down below, and make your Christmas more special to spend with your family.

1. Paint Dipped Advent Calendar Bottles

This advent calendar bottles create an adorable rustic hanging ornament. All you need is little bottles, paint, and number stickers. Paint the bottles halfway, and when they dry, hang them on a branch with jingle bells ornaments. You can fill them with treats like candies or blocks of chocolate.

10 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas 10

You don’t have to wrap the treats, the paint conceals the them nicely. Just make sure the clean the bottles before.

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2. Birch Wood Advent Calendar

For this style, you need to keep the natural color of the birch plywood cuttings to emphasize the rustic style of this ornaments. Use white paint to create different patterns on each piece, then write the numbers or add some accents with black marker. To finish, hang them with a fresh pine branch.

10 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas 09

Instead of using birch plywood, you can replace them with matchboxes.

Image source

3. Muffin Pan Christmas Calendar

You can make use of your mini muffin pan as the base for a treat-filled Advent calendar. Do not worry that you will ruin your pan because the numbered paper coverings are held on by magnets. Fill it with treats, tiny toys, or notes. Your kids are gonna love this.

10 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas 08

You can create this Advent calendar together with your kids. However, don’t let them know what’s behind each number. Or else, you will spoil the fun.

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4. Mini Forest Advent Calendar

This mini forest Advent calendar is really simple but great. You just need to glue a mini pine trees on  little boxes, and add paper flags to write the number. After that, fill the boxes with gifts and display them somewhere in the living room.

10 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas 07

A mini forest is a great winter decoration.

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5. Garland Advent Calendar

Create a garland using little tin buckets and ribbons. Don’t forget to label each bucket with number and fill it with treats. When this ready, add it to the green garland you already have in your kitchen.

10 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas 06

The addition of mini buckets Advent calendar garland to a fresh garland makes for a festive Christmas ornament.

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6. Balloon Advent Calendar

This one is the most interesting idea. Your kids would love to pop one each day. Fun!

10 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas 05

To create a perfect dimension and shade, use different sizes and colors of balloons.

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7. Adorable Zoo

This Advent calendar is suitable for kids. Create animal shaped envelopes using colored paper. Arrange them on the walls, and don’t forget to fill the envelopes with sweets.

10 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas 04

Place a little bench so your little kids can reach to open the higher envelopes.

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8. Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar

The colorful Christmas paper bulb is a great idea for an Advent calendar. Who would expect sweets from inside the bulbs?

10 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas 03

This advent calendar also makes for a festive Christmas decoration. So adorable.

Image source

9. Geometric Tree Advent Calendar

Make your Christmas countdown more fun with this geometric trees. They are very easy to make, and you can fill them with your favorite treats or little toys.

10 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas 02

Create different sizes of trees, then set up a mini forest display like in the picture.

Image source

10. Knitted Advent Calendar

If you know how to knit or crochet, it’s time to show off your craft. Knit mini socks, mittens, or beanies, then fill them with treats and hang to decorate the wall.

10 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas 01

Don’t forget to add the number details. Hang them on twigs to add rustic feel to the decoration.

Image source

Did you find your favorite? Then, what are you waiting for? Start creating your own Advent calendar. The good thing about those Advent calendar is that you can use it for any other holiday, or special events. You can apply the ideas throughout the year.

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