4 Tips for a Small Dining Space

From doing homework to gathering with the family and share meals, a dining room is a great space for entertaining. However, it can be tough to design a cozy dining room when you have a small space. Every element should be thought of carefully so that the space would not feel cramped. If you are having a hard time working with a small dining space, these tips might help you create a functional and inviting dining room.


Opt for a round table

A round table takes a smaller space, but can accommodate more diners. Therefore, it’s great for a small dining area. Choose a round table with pedestal leg, this will open up more space on the floor that will make the space feel more airy.

4 Tips For A Small Dining Space 12

In this corner of the room, the round table itself defines the dining space. Pairing the simple white round table with wood chairs makes a perfect combination.

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4 Tips For A Small Dining Space 11

Ground the dining space with a round rug for more warmth and comfort. Choosing chairs with thin legs like this is also a great idea to open up the space so this area will not look cramped.

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4 Tips For A Small Dining Space 10

Another great idea to save space is by incorporating a simple and compact dining set like this one. It’s great for a really small dining space.

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Use mirrors

Mirrors in a certain way can make any room appear brighter and bigger. Placing a large mirror in your small dining space will create the illusion of a more spacious area for it reflects the opposite part of the room. It would be great if you can place the mirror opposite to a window so it can spread the natural light around the room, make it warmer and brighter.

4 Tips For A Small Dining Space 09

Instead of installing a mirror wall, simply leaning a large mirror on the wall will also do the trick. In fact, this adds a traditional and artistic touch to your dining area.

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4 Tips For A Small Dining Space 08

You can also hang several smaller mirrors. The rectangular pattern creates the feeling of an elongated space.

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4 Tips For A Small Dining Space 07

This type of mirror is also great for an accent on the wall. Besides, the selection of transparent chairs can also be a solution to create a less cramped space.

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Add bench

A bench can make your dining area feel more inviting. This also allow you to fit more people without making the area look crowded like when you add more chairs. With a comfortable bench, your dining space can also be a great place to hangout and relaxing.

4 Tips For A Small Dining Space 06

Place the bench against the wall so it doesn’t feel like it blocks the space, then load it with comfy throw pillows.

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4 Tips For A Small Dining Space 05

To make the most of your space, you can choose this corner bench.

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4 Tips For A Small Dining Space 04

A small space can make use of a multi functional furniture, like this bench with some storage space. Manage to organize your things, a clutter-free space will definitely feel less cramped.

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Place the table against the wall

If you want to stick with the traditional style of rectangular or square table, you still can create a slender dining area by placing it against the wall. This will also leave you more space to move around. Simply place the table against the wall, then arrange the chairs around the remaining sides.

4 Tips For A Small Dining Space 03

Dining facing the wall can be uncomfortable. You want to hang a mirror to create the illusion of an extended room so the dining area will feel more airy.

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4 Tips For A Small Dining Space 02

If you have a long and narrow space, you have to make sure it gets plenty of natural lights.

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4 Tips For A Small Dining Space 01

This idea still work for a round dining table. You can see that even simple furniture can accent the room elegantly.

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