5 Winter Mantle Decorating Ideas

When the weather gets cold, you need to bring more warmth into your home so it can help you fight the chills. You can add layers of lighting, texture, or visual warmth around the room to embrace the cold. As for seeking warmth at home, our first attention would be on the fireplace. That gives the idea to decorate the mantle to add more cheer and warmth to your home. Moreover, decorating a fireplace mantle is part of holiday tradition and it can be a fun activity. So, before you start decorating your fireplace mantle, check out these winter mantle decorating ideas for your inspiration.

1. Simple and Natural

Keeping things simple doesn’t mean it cannot look awesome. Place a mirror or pictures in the center, then add natural elements such as plants. This might be so simple but the decoration can transform your entire room.

5 Winter Mantle Decoration Ideas 10

The color palette of black and white with gold color accent looks amazing. This simple mantle decoration looks fresh with some planters, and the classic round mirror will catch anyone eye.

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5 Winter Mantle Decoration Ideas 09

This mantle decoration is christmassy with wreath and white candles. Also, the pretty red ribbon makes for a great accent.

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2. Add More Nature

Natural element can bring the fresh and calming feel. Add more green to your mantle decor to freshen up the fireplace area. You can use garland, some branches with leaves, or add pincecones.

5 Winter Mantle Decoration Ideas 08

The easiest way to incorporate nature int the decoration is by adding fresh garland. As for other decorative items, a mirror always make for a great focal point of a mantle decoration.

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5 Winter Mantle Decoration Ideas 07

You can have your garland a little more bushy and add it to the mantle in an asymmetric style. Lit the candles to bring more warmth and luminosity into the room.

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3. Use Warm Texture

You can add warmth to your mantle by placing a glass covered by old sweater cutting, or hang your knitted socks. Opt for neutral colors if you want to transform your decor into a winter wonderland.

5 Winter Mantle Decoration Ideas 06

To bring more warmth, layer textures like in this fireplace wall with knitted socks.

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5 Winter Mantle Decoration Ideas 05

This neutral colored mantle look sweet with dried flowers decoration. The texture of the glass cover and the light create a brighter and warmer atmosphere.

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4. Rustic Winter Display

Rustic is an all time favorite decoration style. Adding rustic into your decor will give you so much fun. Therefore, incorporate rustic fireplace display into your home now and decorate it with vintage decoration, rusty things, weave tray, or woodcraft.

5 Winter Mantle Decoration Ideas 04

The vintage window frame mirror and rusty milk can make this fireplace a great winter rustic decor.

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5 Winter Mantle Decoration Ideas 03

Opt for wood materials to enhance the rustic style of the decoration.

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5. Wintery Ornaments

Decorate your mantle with wintery ornaments such as snowflakes, deer, or pine tree. It will make the mantle look merrier in winter, and your room look cozy and inviting.

5 Winter Mantle Decoration Ideas 02

Turn your mantle into a white winter wonderland with snowflake runners, deer and pine tree ornaments, also white twig wreath.

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5 Winter Mantle Decoration Ideas 01

Snowflake ornaments also look good for this farmhouse style fireplace.

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