10 Adorable Teen Bedroom Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Designing teen bedroom can be a little tricky. It needs to bring out their personal taste and style while still match with the rest of the house. It is also important to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere so that they will be comfortable doing their activity in the bedroom. To help you design your kid’s bedroom, here are 10 adorable teen bedroom ideas you can follow.

1. Installing Smart Storage

Storage that keeps things clutter-free and aesthetically clean is the key to make the teen’s bedroom tidy and comfortable. You can install hanging shelves, or drawers under the bed.

10 Best Teen Bedroom Ideas 10

Smart storage will help your kid stay organized. The selection of white color always looks great for a neutral color schemed bedroom.

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2. Add Layers

Adding layers can make your kid’s bedroom feel warm and comfortable. Not only that, layers will also add the aesthetic of the room. Incorporate patterned bedding, pillows, or textured rug to add layers to the bedroom.

10 Best Teen Bedroom Ideas 09

The textured lamp and faux fur blanket are also great ideas to add layers to your kid’s bedroom.

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3. Make a Statement Decor

When decorating a kid’s room, you need to make it more fun without giving up being classy. You can add art works to the decoration, or be simple and apply one statement decor that will be the focal point of the entire room.

10 Best Teen Bedroom Ideas 08

The crossing arrows wall decoration is the perfect example of the a statement decor in this bedroom.

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4. Setting Up a Comfortable Nook

If your kid’s bedroom is spacious, you can set up a comfortable nook to relax or hang out. Choose a space near the window so it gets plenty of light that make the area feel more airy and comfy.

10 Best Teen Bedroom Ideas 07

Do your kids love reading? Then, it is a perfect idea to provide them with their own private reading nook.

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5. Put Their Interests on Display

Your kids will love it when you appreciate things they’re interested. Also, it will be a lot easier to decorate when you have a theme guidance. You can display stuff that is related to your kid’s hobbies, whether it is sport, music, or super hero character. Or, if your kids love arts, you can also display their work of art.

10 Best Teen Bedroom Ideas 06

This teen boy’s bedroom really nailed his interest for soccer.

Image source

6. Create a Balance

You can be simple and elegant while keeping the bedroom clean and aesthetically sophisticated. Create balance by combining neutral colors with natural elements such as wood.

10 Best Teen Bedroom Ideas 05

This half gray and half wood bedroom looks intriguing with the wall art decoration.

Image source

7. Comfortable Workspace to Boost Productivity

A personal workspace is essential for your kids to support their studying and boost their productivity. Regardless to the room style, make sure you choose the right furniture that will make your kids feel comfortable when they are doing their activity.

10 Best Teen Bedroom Ideas 04

This lovely space-themed bedroom includes a workspace with comfortable chair and neat table.

Image source

8. Go All Out

If your kids have their own favorite or know exactly how their bedroom should look like, you can go all out with the imagination. Create a dreamy place that will satisfy your kids’ adventurous minds.

10 Best Teen Bedroom Ideas 03

This airplane bed along with wall map and compass chandelier will prepare your kids for their dream adventure.

Image source

9. Keep It Clean and Simple

Not all teenagers love bright colors, posters, or patterns. If your kids prefer something more simple, bring in a fluffy and comfortable bedding and minimal decoration. Choose neutral colors, and maybe add a fresh potted plant to freshen up the room.

10 Best Teen Bedroom Ideas 02

The hanging pendant lamps and a painting over the headboard make this bedroom look simple and sweet but maintain the elegance.

Image source

10. Maximize Space with Fun Bunkbeds

If you have two or three kids that share a bedroom, this one is the fun example to separate the room into their own private places. Forget the traditional bunkbeds style and incorporate this hanging beds instead. This not only saves space but also allows your kids to impress their friends who come over.

10 Best Teen Bedroom Ideas 01

This bedroom lets your kids have their own territory, yet still make for a great hangout.

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