5 Ways to Incorporate Japanese Style to Your Interior Design

The Japanese designs are about simplicity and peaceful environment. It is characterized by minimalist and natural concept. The Japanese style interior always focus on integrating natural element, creating balance, and form a simple but functional room. It usually results a clean and clutter free style of living.

If you are interested in applying Japanese style design in your home, here are 5 ways that will guide you to create a cool Japanese style room.

Add Element of Nature

As mentioned before, the Japanese style interior prefers using natural element. That’s why Japanese style design is considered eco-friendly. The common material used is wood, but there are other option such as stone, straw, and fresh green plants. Of course, to create a Japanese style room you should add a lot of natural elements including natural light to make a comfortable and airy space.

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The basic of Japanese style design is neutral, it usually comes with earthy tones and wood dominant interior. You will also find so many lines pattern in the Japanese style room. You can choose a low wooden coffee table, it’s a typical Japanese furniture. Decorate the room with some fresh green plants, also make sure the room get plenty of natural light.

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Sliding Door and Screens

Old Japanese houses use movable screens (shoji) and sliding doors (fusuma) as room dividers, and it’s still widely used nowadays. Install sliding doors in your home to create your own Japanese style interior.

5 Ways To Incorporate Japanese Style To Your Interior Design 02

The screens are usually made of white paper which still allows natural light to enter the room. The same type of sliding door can also be used for your closet doors. Wood still dominate this Japanese style bedroom, but this time the screens have light blue color. Floral patterned bedding is a good option for Japanese style bedroom.

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Tatami is a traditional Japanese mat made of rice straw. This element plays a big part in Japanese style interior. It is usually used as living room and bedroom flooring. Tatami is the best way to create warm and comfortable flooring.

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You can apply a tatami accent to your living room, or create a special tatami room in the living room. The double height concept like this is quite interesting, right? Tatami is also perfect for your relaxing corner flooring. Add some throw pillows for more comfort.

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Genkan is a little space in the entryway area that separate the front door and the main floor of the house. This is a space where you should leave your shoes, this area will keep the inside of the house clean.

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You are not allowed to wear shoes in Japanese houses. They usually provide you sandals to change. Genkan is a great idea for an entryway. You can adapt the concept for your contemporary styled house.

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Being Close to Nature

The goal of Japanese style interior is to always being close to nature. You can either decorate the inside of the house with a lot of plants, or create an indoor garden. Another way is to really open up the room to make a direct contact with nature.

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A semi-open room concept is suitable for this idea. Install clear glass doors and windows so you can see a direct view of nature outside. This one is an amazing bathroom design. Using a natural concept, it brings up natural element such as wood, rock, and living plants.

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You can see that Japanese style design is not only comfortable but also beautiful. If you love minimalist and natural design that exaggerate comfort but still maintain its beauty, this style is the best for you.

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