5 Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

If you are a person who like to spend more time in your kitchen and you think of it as a sanctuary, then it is important to always make sure that the space is comfortable and support your activity. It is also important to decorate your kitchen to make it not only cozier but also beautiful.

Now, take a quick glance at your kitchen. If you have an empty wall space in the kitchen or you see that your wall started to dull or cluttered, then it is time to redecorate your kitchen wall. There are many ways to decorate your wall other than applying patterned wallpaper or hanging pictures. The list below will show you the easy ways to decorate your kitchen wall, some of them are easy to DIY and budget friendly. Take a look and get inspired.

1. Three Color Scheme

Changing color is the easy, fast, and inexpensive way to refresh any room in the house, including the kitchen. Try using three color combination. Pay attention and do not choose colors that will make the kitchen look gloomy, or too bright and pale. Include a contrasting color in the combination to create balance.

5 Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas 12

The combination of bold blue and white results the color of elegance. Pairing it with wood material makes it perfect.

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5 Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas 11

The mint green chair adds an unexpected color to this bright and cheerful kitchen, but it makes a good decor statement.

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2. Create a Statement Wall Decor

A focal point is something that can make your kitchen more stand out. So, it is necessary to select the most eye catching materials, fixtures, or furnish. For the kitchen wall, you can use bold tiles, adding a work of art, or simply display your appliances.

5 Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas 10

A bold colored backsplash can make for a beautiful accent wall that also be the focal point of the kitchen. Use the same yellow color accent is used around the room.

5 Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas 09

If you have beautiful copper color appliances, you should display them on your kitchen wall. This will steal anyone’s attention.

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5 Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas 08

If you have spacious kitchen, you can add an amazing wall painting. This one is without question the main focus of your kitchen decor.

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3. Add Hanging Shelves

A hanging shelf is not only good for additional storage space, but also makes for an interesting wall decor. This one is simple and you can customize it so it fit the empty space in your kitchen. You can use it to display your jars of different spices, or cook books, or some potted plants to freshen up the area.

5 Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas 07

Don’t let the corner in your kitchen empty and boring. Add some wooden hanging shelves to add a rustic touch to your kitchen.

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5 Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas 06

For an open-plan kitchen, you can install this type of hanging shelves to update the decor. This one is also a smart room divider idea.

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4. Create a Gallery Wall

This vintage decoration is the the quick and easy way to transform your wall. It suits any room in the house, even in a small kitchen. To make your kitchen decor more personal, you can add your own pictures. Make a careful selection of the material and color of the frames, so they match the style and theme of your kitchen.

5 Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas 05

Arrange the pictures asymmetrically to make it more interesting. Be careful not to make your wall look messy instead.

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5 Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas 04

This one can be an alternative if you do not really fancy picture gallery. A farmhouse decoration always look cozy and calming.

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5. Use Chalkboard Paint

A chalkboard paint is an easy and inexpensive way to update your kitchen wall. Apply it on the wall, cabinets, shelves, or anywhere you can easily see. You can use it to write menu, grocery list, or statements.

5 Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas 03

A chalkboard wall can make your cooking activity easier. It’s also easy to clean, so you can write different menu or recipe everyday.

5 Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas 02

Paint the wall and the shelves using chalkboard paint. It is a fun way to label your herbs and spices. The bold color makes for a perfect backdrop for the greenery.

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5 Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas 01

You can also write a seasonal statement, or make a drawing. A chalkboard paint offers endless opportunities, just be creative.

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Those are the kitchen decorating ideas you should try for your kitchen.

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