9 Easy Ways to Style Your Kitchen

Kitchen is more than just a space for cooking and eating. This is the place where you spend your time gathering with your family or friends. Make a little change to your kitchen can be a great idea to turn your kitchen into a more comfortable and inviting space. It’s all about adding beauty to your kitchen and make it personal. Check out these 9 easy ways to style your kitchen and make it more stunning.

1. Add Greens

Plants add an unexpected and beautiful dimension to your home. Not only beautify the space, decorating with green plants make your kitchen feel more fresh and cozy. Simply add some potted plants around your kitchen to freshen up the space.

9 Easy Ways To Style Your Kitchen 09

Adding a green plants is an easy way to instantly brighten up space.

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2. Pretty Storage

When you have a small kitchen, it’s important that you use a storage space that not only functional but also look nice for the eye. Open shelving is a great option to add more storage space and display your kitchen dish or supplies.

9 Easy Ways To Style Your Kitchen 08

An open shelving that stretch along one side of the kitchen wall looks really interesting. Add decorative objects to the mix to make it pretty.

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3. Soap Containers

Plastic packaging doesn’t look as beautiful. So, consider to replace that with soap containers that are more eye catchy. Looking at something nice will make your dish washing activity more enjoyable.

9 Easy Ways To Style Your Kitchen 07

You can place a vase of flower to make the area look more pleasing to the eye.

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4. Display Your Produce

Displaying produce is not something new, but to style up your kitchen you should display it in a fun and beautiful way. Instead of a typical big bowl, use three tiered basket to display your produce. The pop of colors will add cheer to the space.

9 Easy Ways To Style Your Kitchen 06

You can add herbs to to the arrangement for more texture and volume.

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5. … and Your Cookware

If you have a beautiful stainless or copper cookware, you should show it off instead of just cramp them in the cabinet. Moreover, displaying your cookware really helps your cooking activity for you will have the quick access to it.

9 Easy Ways To Style Your Kitchen 05

Install a hanging rack to display the cookware. The copper color looks even more beautiful when it reflects the light.

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6. Organize Your Utensils

Stop cramping all utensils in one utensil holder. You can sort them the material or color and put them in different holders. You can use mason jars as the utensil holders.

9 Easy Ways To Style Your Kitchen 04

Paint the mason jars in different colors of your choice, then arrange it on a wood tray. This idea will make your kitchen look neat and clean.

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7. Hang Something Up

Another thing to think about to update your kitchen is adding something to the wall. You can hang some art, or create a gallery wall.

9 Easy Ways To Style Your Kitchen 03

This decoration idea is a game changer for the empty space of the kitchen wall.

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8. Add Pattern and Texture

Use patterned kitchen towels and hang them on the oven’s handle. Or, fold and stack them near the sink. Texture adds warmth and comfort to the area, while pattern make the room look more cheerful.

9 Easy Ways To Style Your Kitchen 02

The horizontal line pattern create the illusion of lean and sleek space.

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9. … and more

Another way to add pattern and texture is by adding patterned rug. A rug will serve your feet with warmth and comfort when you are doing your activity in the kitchen.

9 Easy Ways To Style Your Kitchen 01

It is important to choose a rug that doesn’t show stain easily for you are more likely to make a lot of splash in the kitchen.

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So, those are the most essential things you should have in your kitchen. With this ideas, you are now more ready to style your own kitchen.

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