10 Creative Ideas to Decorate Above the Headboard

Do you already have a perfect headboard and bedding set up but still feel like you’re missing something? Maybe it’s because you leave the space above your headboard dull and empty. Therefore, you should consider to add a touch of decoration in this area.

However, designing the area above the headboard can be a little tricky sometimes. It can be a long and narrow space, depends on the shape of the headboard. For your solution, here are 10 creative ideas to decorate the space above the headboard you can easily follow.

1. Use Vibrant Color Paint

Painting the wall is the easiest way to transform the area above the headboard. Choosing a bold color that contrasts the remaining walls and the headboard itself can be a great idea.

10 Ideas To Decorate Above The Headboard 10

If you have white bedding, navy blue is the perfect color selection. You can do an ombré wall to make the wall look more stunning.

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2. Hang a Macrame

Macrame is a great way to upgrade that boring space above the headboard. It adds texture that creates warm and inviting atmosphere. Choose a macrame that fit the length of your headboard.

10 Ideas To Decorate Above The Headboard 09

Give your bedroom a touch of boho style by hanging a macrame that match your bedding color theme.

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3. Add Wall Mural

If you love artwork, a colorful wall mural can be your option. This idea will make your bedroom decor more personal for you can choose any color and design following your taste.

10 Ideas To Decorate Above The Headboard 08

A blooming pink flowers with feather accent wall mural creates a dramatic feeling. It’s perfect for a minimalist, feminine boho style bedroom.

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4. Create a Gallery Wall

It’s an easy classic way to create a statement on the wall. From the simple three posters arrangement to really fill the whole wall with pictures, there are various ways to create a gallery wall. Just be creative and add pictures or sculptures you love to your gallery wall.

10 Ideas To Decorate Above The Headboard 07

Go simple or wild and free—it’s your choice.

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5. Hang a Patterned Rug

Who says a rug only belongs on the floor? In fact, hanging a colorful patterned rug can really cheer up your bedroom.

10 Ideas To Decorate Above The Headboard 06

Choose a warm color such as orange. This color helps brighten up the area above the headboard.

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6. Hang a Mirror

We all know that a mirror gives an optical illusion of a bigger room. If you have a small bedroom, this is a perfect option for your wall decor.

10 Ideas To Decorate Above The Headboard 05

To feel a luxury in your small bedroom, hang a large gold framed mirror. Pair it with a beautiful chandelier; the mirror will double down the beauty.

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7. Add a Series of Wall Art

Uniformity creates its own beauty. If you prefer a sleek and organized design, this idea is for you. Hanging a series of wall art over the headboard can make a big impact to your bedroom.

10 Ideas To Decorate Above The Headboard 04

Designing in a symmetrical way can be very interesting, and the result is sophisticated.

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8. Incorporate Vertical Line Pattern

A vertical line pattern can give the illusion of a lean and long wall. This will make your bedroom feel more airy. Hang a series of decoration that have a long and slim shape vertically. It can be framed picture, wall art, or wood panel decorations.

10 Ideas To Decorate Above The Headboard 03

Arranging the picture in different heights is also a great idea so the decoration doesn’t feel so stiff.

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9. Artistic Installation

Hanging a sculptural pieces will add dimension, color, and personality to the area above the headboard. This is also a great idea to showcase your interest or hobby.

10 Ideas To Decorate Above The Headboard 02

If you love surfing, you’re going to love hanging a surfboard to fill the empty space above your headboard.

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10. Add Stylish Storage

Another easy way to decorate above the bed is by installing an open shelving. You can use it as a storage space and to display decorative objects of your choice.

10 Ideas To Decorate Above The Headboard 01

A single hanging shelf would be perfect to add a decoration to your bedroom. Add potted plant to the mix and your bedroom will feel more fresh.

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The interesting thing is that you can mix and match some of the ideas above to create a more stunning wall decor. Use all your imagination and creativity, the options are limitless.

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