5 Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Kitchen is the busiest room in the house, it’s the place where you spend most of your time. That’s why choosing a durable material for the kitchen is very important, especially the flooring. There are many kitchen flooring options but not every material is suitable for this area. You need a material that will last longer with less maintenance. Though, creating a balance between style, function, and comfort is also the key to making the right choice. These five flooring materials can be your good options to consider.


Stone is an excellent choice for a busy area. There are various types of stone flooring, the most popular are marble, travertine, and slate. Stone flooring is durable. It’s also naturally cool, which is perfect in hotter climate. The thing you should consider before installing the stone flooring is to check all the stone tiles because the grain and coloring of the stone can vary, while you need the pieces with similar tone and texture.

5 Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas 10

This cool and natural gray stone tiles gives an authentic, rustic feel.

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5 Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas 09

The natural pattern, color, and texture of stone flooring can give a unique, earthy look to any kitchen.

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Cork is a good, durable kitchen flooring material that has a unique texture and available in a variety of colors. This material also offer a padded feel underfoot and reduce impact of noise. Besides, cork is water-resistance and the waxy substance in it can repel insects and pests. However, cork flooring can easily dent or scratch. So, when you choose to install cork flooring, consider to buy a few spares for future replacement just in case the flooring are damaged.

5 Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas 08

Cork comes in sheets and tiles, both are easy to install.

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5 Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas 07

Dark cork flooring not only look beautiful, but also gives warmth to the kitchen.

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Hardwood is a timeless material used especially for the kitchen, and it still becomes the most popular choice for today’s kitchen. It’s a high-end material that creates a warm look and unique textures according to grain and age. Hardwood material feels really good underfoot, even though it can be noisy.

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Hardwood flooring is perfect for neutral kitchen. To make the flooring more long lasting, it requires special protection from moisture. You can add extra coat of finish to seal the wood.

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5 Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas 05

The natural color and texture of wood flooring accentuates the rustic feeling to the kitchen.

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The only downside of hardwood flooring is that it is quite expensive. The solution for that is bamboo flooring. It can make a great replacement for hardwood flooring for it is as durable and beautiful even though less expensive. In fact, this material is actually harder than wood and more resistance to moisture.

5 Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas 04

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material that is beautifully grained. It creates warmth and a more natural ambiance.

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5 Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas 03

There are different types of bamboo flooring available for your kitchen, each of them offers different properties and characteristic.

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The last material you should consider trying for your kitchen flooring is vinyl. This one comes in a variety of texture and style, it is also more affordable. Vinyl is the most water resistant kitchen flooring option, and nearly impervious to stains and easy to clean.

5 Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas 02

If you want a warm and bright kitchen, luxury vinyl tiles is the best option.

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5 Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas 01

Some of vinyl tiles are look really similar to hardwood, so this is the perfect option to mimic hardwood flooring to feel the same luxury.

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All the materials have their own pros and cons but they are a great option if you are looking for a durability. Just choose one that suits your style and more importantly meets your budget.

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