10 Living Room Rug Ideas for Coziness and Style

You want to relax in a space that is not only comfortable, but also shows some character. Your living room should feel like you, so it’s important to incorporate items in a pattern you love, include your favorite color, anything that’s just your style. One item you should consider adding that can make a big impact and transform your living room is an area rug. A rug is a great way to anchor your space, and the right selection of it can tie the whole living room look together. These living room rug ideas will show you how to create a relaxing space that is as big on personality as it is on comfort.


1. Bring a coastal vibe with a blue rug

To bring a coastal vibe in the living room, choose an airy rug in ocean blue color and a light neutral color like gray and white. To enhance the style, you can opt for a traditional floral pattern. Also, decorate with items that have the matching color with the rug.

10 Living Room Rug Ideas For Coziness And Style 10

The blue color beautifully accentuate the chairs with leather cushion.

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2. Add multicolor rug for a pretty boho style

You can add a little boho feel in your neutral living room by adding a multicolor rug. Choose bright colors that is the characteristic of boho style, hot pink would be a great choice.

10 Living Room Rug Ideas For Coziness And Style 09

While keeping anything else neutral, a bright pink accent on the floor looks more easy on the eye.

Image source

3. Get some fun with tropical-inspired rug

If having a lot of planters in the living room is too much for you, you can still bring a tropical atmosphere by incorporating tropical patterned rug. Choose big pattern with bold color, like this dark palm leaf pattern.

10 Living Room Rug Ideas For Coziness And Style 08

This bold color area rug becomes an adorable focal point of the living room.

Image source

4. Try natural rug

If you want to follow trend, consider going the eco-friendly way. Choose a rug that is made of natural material and use natural dye. As for pattern, tribal pattern is the best that suits any style of a living room.

10 Living Room Rug Ideas For Coziness And Style 07

The soft and subtle colors that come from natural dye show its own unique character of beauty.

Image source

5. Add a touch of glamour with gold accent

A touch of warm gold accent can make any room feels glamorous. Adding a gold accent is not limited to the metal material of the furniture or decoration. This white rug with gold geometric pattern, for example, also offers luxury and style to the space.

10 Living Room Rug Ideas For Coziness And Style 06

You can stick to white and gold for a sense of luxury, or gray and gold if you like something more toned down and elegant.

Image source

6. Adding rug for an instant living room makeover

If you’re living in a small apartment or a rental house and looking for an easy and cost friendly living room makeover, adding a rug is a solution to add colors and pattern to your small dwelling. A vibrant geometric design like this one is a great option to get a stylish and artistic look.

10 Living Room Rug Ideas For Coziness And Style 05

You can pick up any accent color from the rug for the throw pillow so the decoration look pull together.

Image source

7. Matching pattern

It would be fun to play with pattern to make your decor look more put together. See the dot pattern on the rug that match the pattern on the chair. Interesting, right?

10 Living Room Rug Ideas For Coziness And Style 04

Dark blue and white offers an elegant, traditional look.

Image source

8. Ground an eclectic living room with purple rug

Adding more color to an eclectic colorful living room will never go wrong, as long as you put attention to the balance between dark and bright color. A deep purple toned rug is perfect to ground a living room that is dominated by bold and bright colors.

10 Living Room Rug Ideas For Coziness And Style 03

The textures of the rug and the velvet couch, also the faux fur blanket, are guaranteed to give you warmth and comfort when you’re relaxing there.

Image source

9. Mixed pattern

Stripes make a beautiful, clean pattern. It’s best at giving the illusion of an elongated space. However, stripes can look boring sometimes. You’ll want a stripe rug with more details as shown in the picture.

10 Living Room Rug Ideas For Coziness And Style 02

The mixed pattern gives a more interesting look.

Image source

10. Powerful colors and texture

For those of you who can’t get enough color or texture, a hand braided rug is for you. This amazing piece of art will make your living room feel more special.

10 Living Room Rug Ideas For Coziness And Style 01

For more, you can pair it with a throw pillow that has the similar color scheme. Also, add a knitted pouf for a more texture layer.

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