5 Kitchen Decor Ideas for Winter

Kitchen is the most important part of the home where you spend most of your time in, or as a gathering place with your family and friends. That’s why you need to make sure that the kitchen has a cozy and inviting atmosphere so that you can enjoy doing your activity here. If you’re looking for ideas to update you kitchen decor this winter, here are five ways to redecorate your kitchen with a timeless design.

1. Accent color

White has been the most popular kitchen color for decades. White is a timeless color trend, it can be a perfect canvas for the interior. However, great kitchen designs incorporate 90% white and 10% color accent. Since white looks great with any other color, you can use other neutral colors or go ahead with bold color accents. Just remember to keep the 90/10 ratio.

5 Kitchen Decor Ideas For Winter 10

Navy blue is a great accent color choice, especially when it goes with white color. The addition of stainless steel accent makes the kitchen look more elegant.

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5 Kitchen Decor Ideas For Winter 09

You can also apply the color accent for the walls. Green can be a good one, especially when it is paired with camel color tones of the countertop.

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5 Kitchen Decor Ideas For Winter 08

Still in the spirit of Christmas, the gold color accent of the ornaments and the cabinet handles give you a glamorous feel.

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2. Saturated in green tones

Green color scheme has been this 2019 color trend. A deep and dark green color has a dramatic feel that makes your kitchen more inviting. Pair it with a contrast color so the green will look even more stunning.

5 Kitchen Decor Ideas For Winter 07

This green toned kitchen looks amazing with copper accent and black laminated countertop.

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5 Kitchen Decor Ideas For Winter 06

Apply green tiles for the backsplash to trasform your white kitchen.

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3. Give a touch of Art Deco

Art Deco style is a great way to add glamour into your kitchen decor. Start applying Art Deco items to your kitchen, such as pendant lights, vases, or bar stools. They will liven up your kitchen decor.

5 Kitchen Decor Ideas For Winter 05

The gold Art Deco bar stools seem to come out of nowhere, but perfectly glam up this dark green kitchen.

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5 Kitchen Decor Ideas For Winter 04

This lovely kitchen looks more cheerful with Art Deco patterned backsplash.

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4. Incorporate retro style

Retro style usually includes bright colors, unique designs with smooth shapes and polished surface, and wild patterns. Applying retro style will make your kitchen feels more fun and lively. Choose bright colors such as orange, green, or yellow. Don’t be afraid to add textures and colorful patterns. As for the furniture, opt for natural material such as wood.

5 Kitchen Decor Ideas For Winter 03

This one is the perfect example of modern retro kitchen. The matching floor and wall tiles is amazing.

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5 Kitchen Decor Ideas For Winter 02

Woods become a dominant accent here, and the rattan stools are the perfect complement for this retro kitchen.

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5. Bring back the accent wall trend

An accent wall has many useful purpose in a room. It helps to define the space, and give character with the details of the design. Apply accent wall to enhance your kitchen style. You can use colorful tiling, then install hanging shelves and decorate it with ceramic decorative items.

5 Kitchen Decor Ideas For Winter 01

This cheerful accent wall can be a perfect focal point for your kitchen.

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Have you decided to change your kitchen style this winter? We hope these ideas inspire and help you getting a new look for your kitchen.

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