5 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home Office

Your home office should be the place of productivity and serenity, but how do you keep this working station zen? You can create a perfect space where you can enjoy working there by choosing the right decor. Decorating your home office for an aesthetic that you can relish while you are working will help you set the mood and get more focused. From adding a functional items to beautify it with paints or ornaments, you should start to consider the right ways to decorate your home office. Check out the ideas below to get inspired.


Keep things organized

The most important thing for a home office is keeping it clean and tidy. A working space gets messy easily and it can be stressful. Therefore, you really need to organize your stuff to make a comfortable and airy workspace.

However, before you load the home office area with drawer organizers or filing cabinets, the first thing you should consider doing is decluttering your stuff. Remove anything you don’t really use, like you don’t need to place a pen holder with a bunch of pens when you always use your favorite one. Or, you don’t need a filing cabinet when you already keep things digitally. When you have your home office clutter free, it will be so much easier to organize your stuff and you don’t have to install many storage that can make the space feel cramped. Choose a smart storage that not only meets your need but also look beautiful and stylish.

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When you don’t need much, then set everything else aside. Match your wood desk with the a wood ladder rack to create style and provide the storage space you need.

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You can also choose a desk that has a storage feature. This will make it easier for you to organize your stuff without having to add more furniture.

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A clean and tidy space makes you less stress and help you stay focus. Always keep things clean and minimal. Even a shared workspace doesn’t have to look crowded.


Decorate the wall with statement decor

If you have a small home office, you can still stock it with a great decor or organization. The easiest way is by creating a statement decor on the wall. Hang your favorite artwork, or create a gallery wall. You can also add some storage space, such as hanging shelves or floor to ceiling cabinets. The key is to decorate the wall in the way that you love, it can be so powerful and make the home office feel more personal.

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This monochrome home office has an interesting symmetrical design. The horses painting makes for a great focal point.

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A gallery wall can make any small home office more interesting. Monochromatic themed gallery wall creates a beautiful contrast to the green wall.

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Manage to hide or cut cord clutter

When you use computer or printer, you might find the cord clutter troublesome. It makes the home office look messy and can distract you from your activity. There are various ways to hide the cord clutter. You can either put your cords behind the wall or use clips to hide them behind or under the desk. You can also create a cord case out of an attractive box. Simply moving the tangled cords out of sight can make your home office instantly look clean, tidy, and bright.

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Don’t just hide it behind the desk, bundle the cords together that they won’t tangle so it looks more tidy.

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This one is an example of a cord case, a creative way to clean up your cord clutter.

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Light it up

A home office should get sufficient lighting to make the work easier, and natural light is the best source of light your home office will need. Make sure you allow as much natural light as possible to enter the room.

However, you’ll still need additional lights to support your home office on a cloudy day or when you have to work at night. You can install a stylish chandelier or contemporary desk lamps. They are not only functional, but also will beautify the space.

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This beautiful chandelier add style to the home office. Placing a mirror is also a great idea for a small space, it creates depth that make the room look bigger and reflects the lights so the space feel brighter.

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Choosing objects that both functional and beautiful is a solution to keep things minimal and free from clutter.

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Feels like home

Don’t forget that your home office is an extension of your house or apartment. You still want to decorate it with the same theme you use in other rooms in the house. Even if it’s a workspace, it should still look and feel like home. This familiarity can bring you joy and make you feel more comfortable, it will help you boost your productivity.

5 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Home Office 02

For farmhouse style, you might want to decorate the home office with some rustic decorations and furniture.

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5 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Home Office 01

A home office shouldn’t be distinguished from other part of the house. That’s why you need to use the same theme as the rest of the house, especially in an open plan space.

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You can see that decorating a home office is quite simple. Now it’s time for you to refresh or transform you home office and make your own best workspace.

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