10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas

If you’re planning a romantic dinner with your loved one or just gathering with your friends on Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to make sure that everything is perfect and special. Therefore, make sure you have an amazing Valentine’s Day table setting that will get you in the mood. There are many ways to decorate your table for Valentine’s Day, from bold red heart accent to soft and romantic flower arrangement. Below are several table setting ideas to get you a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.


1. Keep It Sweet and Simple

Pink roses make the perfect centerpiece for Valentine’s Day. Arrange three vases of roses on the center of the table, then pair them with the same soft pink colored napkins. Opt for gold cutlery to add a touch of glamour to your table setting.

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas 10

A soft, pastel color palette makes for a more romantic and intimate dinner on Valentine’s Day.

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2. Make It Moody and Dramatic

For a moody Valentine’s Day table setting, choose a loose natural white linen tablecloth then decorate with floral arrangements and some greenery. Complement with black cutlery for the accent and to add a dramatic feels.

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas 09

Don’t forget to add beautiful glasses and cheers to a romantic night.

3. Incorporate Unexpected Accent

A foliage chandelier is great to soften and freshen up a dark themed dining room. You don’t have to stick with pink or red color palette for Valentine’s day, monochromatic color scheme with a few color accents can also bring a romantic vibe.

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas 08

You can add warmth by complementing the chair with faux fur pillow.

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4. Rustic Table Setting

Rustic style is suitable for a bigger group. Decorate the long wooden table with a lot of pink blush, like the table runner, plates, flowers, and ribbons. Opt for gold cutlery to add glam to the table.

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas 07

This idea is perfect for having some rustic romance with your family or friends on Valentine’s Day.

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5. Go Bold with Red

Nothing represents Valentine’s Day better than a bold red color scheme. Simply choose red patterned table runner, napkins, and tulips. Soften the flower arrangements by adding a few white tulips.

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas 05

You can add wooden letter “XO” to really get into Valentine’s Day theme.

6. Slip a Love Note

Fold the napkins into envelope shapes, then slip a love note to show appreciation in Valentine’s Day fashion. When your family or loved ones unfold the napkins, they will find personalized love notes inside.

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas 06

Place a red tulip near each envelope to add beauty and make it feel more romantic.

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7. Elegant Gray

For an elegant Valentine’s Day table setting, gray color scheme is a great choice. Add heart shape accents to get attached to the theme.

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas 04

The unique shaped vase beautifully illuminates the lights. It adds a little drama and warmth to the table.

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8. Add Wings

To make it more interesting, dress up the chairs with wings and make your guests feel like they are angels. Instead of wings, you can also add heart shaped wreaths or tie colorful big bows.

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas 03

The pink candles, along with pink roses, make the mantel area look sweet and pretty.

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9. Full of Hearts

Heart themed table setting is just lovely. for the centerpiece, stack some books to create levels then place a pot of branches with little heart ornaments on the center and glasses of Cupid’s arrows on both side of it. Decorate the wall with heart ornaments too.

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas 02

This rustic table setting looks glam and glow with the combination of gold, silver, and black color accents. Lit a few candles to add luminous lights and create a romantic ambiance.

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10. Be Different

When you are bored of pink, red, and white color palette for Valentine’s Day, you should consider purple. A vibrant purple color can look stunning, yet still sweet and lovely. Place purple flower arrangements for the centerpiece, then add purple heart-shaped plates and purple napkins.

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas 01

Complement with gold cutlery, and your table will look gorgeous.

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