5 Best Color Schemes for Your Home Office

Choosing the right color scheme for your home is important to define the look and the feel of the space. The right colors can transform your home, make it more bright and relaxing. You can just choose the colors you like to a personal statement. However, choosing the right color scheme for the home office can be different. You need to choose the colors that can set the mood and boost your productivity, something calming or motivating. For your inspiration, here are 5 best color schemes for any home office.


White Monochrome

White makes the perfect color scheme for any room in the house, including the home office. It has a clean look and gives the calm and airy feels that make you comfortable spending so much time in your home office. This is also the best color scheme for small home office, for it can make the space look brighter and seem bigger. White monochrome color scheme is suitable for those of you who like something basic and clean.

5 Best Color Scemes For Home Office 13

White color scheme is great for a minimal and modern home office.

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5 Best Color Scemes For Home Office 12

Make sure your home office area clean and free from clutter to keep your activity from distractions.

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5 Best Color Scemes For Home Office 11

White is the solution for a very small home office. It keeps the space from feeling cramped.

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Rich Wood Neutrals

This color scheme is inspired by executive home office. Combining rich wood furniture and neutral colors for the decoration, this is a way to add luxury to your work station. The brown shades make the space feel powerful and strong, while the natural wood material gives you a nice warmth and comfort.

5 Best Color Scemes For Home Office 10

Earthy tone like brown have a calming effect which is good to make you stay focus and feel less stress.

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5 Best Color Scemes For Home Office 09

Wood table makes an adorable accent for any home office. Pair it with comfortable yet stylish chair to support your working activity.

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5 Best Color Scemes For Home Office 08

Rich wood is a perfect material to enhance a classic style. It always works best when combined with neutral colors, such as light brown for the rug and beige wall.

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Neutral with Blue Accent

Another great color scheme idea is to add blue shades to accent your neutral home office. Blue shades create a soft brightness that can blend nicely to the neutral surrounding, while still help by giving the space some colors. The best neutral color schemes to combine with blue are white and gray.

5 Best Color Scemes For Home Office 07

Look at the gray and blue cabinets. It’s an interesting way to divide space in shared work space like this one.

5 Best Color Scemes For Home Office 06

Simply adding a blue accent chair can transform your work station.

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5 Best Color Scemes For Home Office 05

Neutral color schemes can look pale sometimes. You can add a hint of color by applying blue curtains and blue rug.

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Bright and Colorful

If you love a more colorful space to boost your spirit, you can apply this as your home office color scheme. Use a neutral white color as the backdrop to make the colors pop. The easiest way to incorporate plenty of colors is by adding stationary and decorations to your neutral home office.

5 Best Color Scemes For Home Office 04

For some people, cluttered is tidy.

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5 Best Color Scemes For Home Office 03

Colors can instantly turn the room into a bright and cheerful space, it can help you wake your creativity.

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Deep Red

Red color scheme can create a classic space with a classy feels. However, it can be a little tricky to choose the right shades of red. A bold red color can make you feel like things are urgent, it will lead to anxiety and worry. Therefore, choose a deep red tone that has a hint of brown or purple shade. Then, create balance by adding decorations that have lighter or darker shades.

5 Best Color Scemes For Home Office 02

Add black and pink color accents, also utilize wood furniture to balance out the red color.

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5 Best Color Scemes For Home Office 01

Red color scheme offers a classy and stylish look for your home office.

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