9 Winter Front Porch Decorations to Make Your Porch Beautiful

When you are done with decorating the inside of your home for winter, it’s time to give attention to your front porch. Decorating your front porch will make the entrance to your home a cozy and special way for your family or friends. However, finding a right decor for your front porch can be a great deal of time. But don’t worry, below are 9 winter front porch decorating ideas to help you choose the right decor for your porch. Have a look!

1. Wreaths

Wreath is like a custom welcome greeting in winter season. Whether a green wreath or the whitewashed snowy finish one, wreaths always be the all time favorite decoration for winter. There are various types of wreath you can purchase, or you can create it yourself.

9 Winter Front Porch Decorating Ideas 10

A pinecone wreath with snowy effect is a perfect winter wreath for your door. It helps you to turn your front porch into a winter wonderland.

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2. Doormat

Switch your plain mat into a more cheerful and inviting one. There are so many cute welcome mats for your choice.

9 Winter Front Porch Decorating Ideas 09

The red “Merry” beautifully matches the red berries on the planters. Layer a plaid rug underneath it for a richer pattern and texture that will give your more warmth.

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3. Porch rocker

Porch rocking chairs can be a great place to spend time with your family and friends. Or, a place to relax while reading a book or just watching the world go by. Porch rocking chairs will make your front porch more inviting.

9 Winter Front Porch Decorating Ideas 08

This simple rustic front porch looks well put together with plaid fabric accent.

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4. Lovely planter

Utilize a little red wagon as a planter and place it near the door. It can hold small Christmas tree or Poinsettia. This lovely planter will make your front porch look traditional, but fun.

9 Winter Front Porch Decorating Ideas 07

The addition of fresh and faux greens with gold ribbons accent make this little red wagon look festive.

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5. Colorful winter planter

One of the stunning winter decorations that can easily be created is winter planter. There may be less flower options in winter, but winter plants will serve you enough beauty. You can use variety of evergreen plants, red berries, pinecones, and some branches to create this winter plant arrangement.

9 Winter Front Porch Decorating Ideas 06

You can add red Christmas ball ornament and burlap for an accent.

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6. Vintage ski display

Vintage snow skis can make a sweet rustic decoration too. Display it near the front door with some wintry accent. This decoration will make a statement of your front porch this entire season.

9 Winter Front Porch Decorating Ideas 05

Hang a wreath on a vintage snow skis, then display it on the porch with a planter and classic lantern. Keep the natural wood color of the skis to enhance the rustic feel of the decor.

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7. Straw bales decor

Bring up a touch of farmhouse style into your porch with straw bale decorations. It will also add rustic charm into your front porch.

9 Winter Front Porch Decorating Ideas 04

Complement your rocking chairs with straw bales that serves as coffee table. Cover it with plaid table runner for more accent.

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8. Wood log arrangement

Another way to accentuate your rustic front porch decor is by using natural elements such as wood. You can create a wood log arrangement to decorate your front porch. Be creative to display it, you can add fairy lights to illuminate the texture of the wood logs.

9 Winter Front Porch Decorating Ideas 03

Use rusty aluminum basket as the planter for a perfect rustic-themed decor.

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9. Mason jar lights

In winter, you will need more warmth and light to get comfortable; so do your front porch. Mason jar lights can be the best choice to give warmth and luminosity to the front porch area.

9 Winter Front Porch Decorating Ideas 02

You can create mason jar lights using fairy lights. Hang bunch of them on your porch to warm up and brighten the space.

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9 Winter Front Porch Decorating Ideas 01

Another fun way to decorate with mason jar lights is by adding a simple statement, such as “JOY” like in the picture.

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