9 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

There are many things you can add to your home decor to make it more festive for the holidays. Wreaths, garlands, and other ornaments can help you bring the Christmas spirit into your home. Still, there is nothing better than the charm of a Christmas tree.

Even so, sometimes you are bored with traditional Christmas tree. Or, it may be too late to buy one so you try finding some alternative trees but they may look just the same. If you want something different, why don’t you make you own alternative Christmas tree? It can be upcycled from things around your home. To help you with that, we list 9 creative DIY Christmas tree ideas that can be your inspiration. Take a look!

1. Lost-and-found Christmas tree

The first idea looks like a lost-and-found storage but, instead of piled up in a box, the things are spread out on a board in a Christmas tree shape. This one is super easy to create. You just need a board or canvas to stick things you usually lose such as pen, coins, duct tape, etc. Or, simply stick anything you like.

9 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas 09

Hang it on the wall, or let it sit on the floor next to a stunning red chair and a metal floor lamp—your choice.

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2. Honeycomb Christmas tree

Maybe it is time for you to stop just hanging honeycomb ornaments to decorate your home. You can create an alternative Christmas by gluing them on the wall. Use colorful honeycombs to make it look more fun.

9 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas 08

To make it easier, start from the bottom part of the tree.

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3. Geometric Christmas tree

This project is simple but interesting. All you need to do is cutting colored paper into identical triangle shapes. After that, rearrange those triangles to create a Christmas tree shape.

9 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas 07

When it’s done, you can tape deer tags as ornaments then put the Christmas presents under it.

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4. Christmas tree string art

This one is more complicated, but the result is worth the effort. To create a string art, first you need to make the Christmas tree shape using nails. Then, you string a yarn around the nails.

9 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas 06

If you are new to string art, you can try with a simpler Christmas tree shape. This Christmas tree string art makes for a great Nordic decoration.

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5. Washi tape pine forest

Whasi tape come in various colors and pattern, which are beautiful. You can use washi tapes to create an alternative wall Christmas tree. There are many ways to make a Christmas tree shape using washi tapes. You can see the example below.

9 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas 05

Forming three colorful Christmas trees in different shapes can be fun. It looks like washi tape pine forest.

Image source

6. Hanging Christmas tree mobile

This one is a favorite cause it looks magical—as if the Christmas tree is floating. This Christmas tree is made of paint stir sticks. To begin, paint the sticks in shades of green, then hang the pieces and arrange them so that it looks like a Christmas tree shape.

9 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas 04

Use white fishing line to hang the pieces, this is what makes the them seem floating.

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7. Wall Christmas tree lights

If you like a bright and sparkling Christmas tree, this one is for you. Make a Christmas tree shape on the wall using string light, then add colorful Christmas ornaments. Your room will feel more festive than before.

9 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas 03

This type of Christmas tree is suitable to decorate small apartment, it doesn’t take much space and help make the room feel brighter and warmer.

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8. Book tree

If you are a bookworm and have a lot of book, you can stack some of your books into a Christmas tree shape. It can be a little tricky because the books have different dimensions, but you will find it easier as you go.

9 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas 02

Finish up with putting star ornament on top, then add vintage string lights to make it look more interesting.

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9. Jubiltree Christmas tree

If you still could not give up the fresh and green view of a traditional Christmas tree, you can modify a wooden jubiltree into an alternative Christmas tree. It’s very simple, you just need you wrap a fresh green garland around the jubiltree. Add some Christmas ball ornaments, then put boxes of presents underneath it.

9 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas 01

With this alternative Christmas tree, you can still get the festive spirit of Christmas even in a minimalist way.

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