5 Unconventional Christmas Tree Ideas to Spice Up Your Home

Are you living in a small apartment and having trouble setting up a Christmas tree in your home? Or, are you just bored with the typical evergreen Christmas tree and want to switch things up for Christmas this year? If so, then these five contemporary Christmas tree ideas are for you.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and you want to prepare your home to welcome this special day. One of the common Christmas traditions is setting up a Christmas tree in your home. However, a traditional bushy Christmas tree sometimes required spacious area and a little bit complicated and tiring to add the ornaments. If you are struggle with that too, here are some solutions for those problems to help you create a wonderful Christmas decoration in your home.

1. Wooden Christmas Tree

A wooden tree is a good alternative for you who like to keep the natural element of a Christmas tree. This type of material will give a rustic charm to the room, make it looks cozy and inviting.

Rustic theme is becoming popular again. If you are into rustic style too, this wooden Christmas tree is perfect for you. However, be careful when choosing the right dimension for this decoration. You don’t want your small room to look cramped.

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Opt for a more compact design to save you more space. Add light and fur faux rug to give it warmth impression.

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2. Cardboard Christmas Tree

Cardboard can be a best replacement for wood material, for it has the similar earthy color. Also, cardboard is cheaper and easier to be recreated.

Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate cardboard from wood board just by looking at it.

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It doesn’t have to be simply triangular or conical. In fact, you can have it with snowflake accent too.

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3. Floating Christmas Tree

Do you want to turn your small space into a winter wonderland? Then, let’s give a magical touch to your home by installing hanging Christmas tree mobile. As a result, this beauty will impress your guest.

This one is a stylish decoration for a contemporary style home. You may not believe it, but it’s made of paint stir sticks.

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Blue and silver color will make your room look more elegant.

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4. Wall Christmas Tree

If it’s really hard for you to give up even a little space in your apartment, don’t worry. There is still a way to bring a Christmas tree to your home. A wall Christmas tree will require very little space, but still look great.

The simplest solution for small space is wall sticker. Choose the color and design that suit your interior style.

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You can also paint a Christmas tree on your wall. After that, add bead garland as the ornament.

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This rustic branches tree will also look stunning on your wall. Moreover, it doesn’t take much space.

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5. Christmas Tree Shelves

Last but not least, you can try following this simple contemporary Christmas tree shelves. It’s not only beautiful, but also functional as a decorative shelves or additional storage space for you.

Want more festivity on your Christmas tree shelves? Fill the shelves with colorful objects and a  mason jar light or other luminous ornaments.

image source

You can use the shelves as a storage for your boxes of presents. Therefore, your apartment will look neat and tidy.

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