5 Keys to a Beautiful Scandinavian Christmas Decor

If you love simplicity with a little touch of rustic and natural ambience, Scandinavian style is perfect for you. Also known as Nordic style, Scandinavian is characterized by the combination of beauty, simplicity, and functionality. All those, without giving up to being cozy and stylish. Therefore, because of its minimalism, decorating for Christmas in Scandinavian should not be overly complicated. Instead, it will make your entire space comfy, warm, and elegant.

So, before you start decorating your home in Scandinavian style, check out this five keys to create a perfect and “hygge” Christmas decor. Let’s take a look and get inspired.

1. Use neutral tones and colors

To be more specific, stick with the neutral color palette of white and silver. Scandinavian room tends to boast white walls to emphasize light for Scandinavian recognize the importance of adequate lights that fills a room. The silver color has the same purpose for it helps to bounce the light around the room, also it will add to the elegance of the decor. Another benefit of white walls is they will serve as a good canvas for your decorative item that allows you to make its color more pop.

5 Keys To A Beautiful Scandinavian Christmas Decor 10

This mini Christmas tree looks stand out in this pale color scheme. The light of the candle that is reflected by the silver contemporary candelabra illuminates the room with a cozy dim light.

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5 Keys To A Beautiful Scandinavian Christmas Decor 04

The white wall and mantle really serves as a perfect canvas for these colorful decorative items.

image source

2. Freshen up the look with natural greenery

Scandinavian winter decoration should bring up the fresh and chill air, like the air of Scandinavian mountains. Add fresh greenery to your decoration to make your room feel fresh and livelier. Opt for a natural Christmas tree with bright red or white ornaments. You can also decorate with natural garland or wheat wreaths, but make sure to keep it to a minimum—Scandinavian decor shouldn’t be messy.

5 Keys To A Beautiful Scandinavian Christmas Decor 08

This minimalist Scandinavian is easy to create. The green and fresh pine and the geometric 3D ornaments make for a beautiful and contemporary look.

5 Keys To A Beautiful Scandinavian Christmas Decor 07

You can bring the forest inside to get the fresh air in your home by setting up this mini forest diorama. To create a festive corner in your Scandinavian home, decorate it with colorful geometric garland.

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3. Opt for natural materials

Whether it’s wood, stone, linen, raw silk, etc., adding natural materials will help you to create a cozy and welcoming home. The textures of natural material also emphasize the style itself.

5 Keys To A Beautiful Scandinavian Christmas Decor 01 1

This one is a typical Scandinavian living room with white wall and wooden floor. The couch is fully covered by white linen, so are the throw pillows. This make this living room comfy and bright.

5 Keys To A Beautiful Scandinavian Christmas Decor 02 1

The wooden shaker peg rail is not only functional but also give a natural touch to this entryway, along with the fresh branches with leaves.

image source

4. Incorporate faux fur and warm wool

It is important to include wool and fur materials to your decor for the warmth and texture will be so beneficial for you, especially during winter. Not only functional, adding faux fur rug, knitted wool blanket, or fur pillow can transform your room too.

5 Keys To A Beautiful Scandinavian Christmas Decor 01 2

The beautiful textures layer of faux fur rug and rattan basket creates a great Christmas tree holder.

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5 Keys To A Beautiful Scandinavian Christmas Decor 03

Want to make your decoration seems magical? Hang the Christmas tree so that it looks like floating. Don’t forget to add warmth to the space by adding faux fur blanket or bench.

5. Illuminate the room with cozy candles

Candle is a popular decoration during winter. A Scandinavian home usually illuminates with luminous light of candles. You can have them in a jar, or decorate them with some greenery and pinecones. The combination of natural elements with candle light will evoke your mood of the Christmas holiday.

5 Keys To A Beautiful Scandinavian Christmas Decor 01

Put a candle in a clear glass with some greenery and add burlap fabric as the accent. This candle jar can make a sweet centerpiece.

5 Keys To A Beautiful Scandinavian Christmas Decor 02

Another way to add candles to your Scandinavian decor is by setting up this birch wood log candle holders. Decorate with branches, pinecones, and white deer figures. Your room will be warm, bright, and adorable.

image source

That’s the five keys to Scandinavian Christmas decor. Does it make you interested to decorate your home in Scandinavian style? Then, start decorate your home immediately and create your own “hygge” Christmas decor.

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