10 Stunning Winter Decorating Ideas in 2019

If you are planning to spend more time at home this winter holidays, you had better prepare your home and make it feels more comfortable and inviting. So, to help you survive the cold weather, below are 10 ideas to decorating your home for winter this year. Winter decoration is all about incorporating texture layers and winter color schemes that reflect the season. Let’s take a look and get inspired.

1. Neutral color scheme

Keep your winter palette bright and neutral. Also, opt for natural elements such as wood or green plants for the decoration. It will add a warm and calming atmosphere to your space.

10 Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas In 2019 10

The wooden coffee table with a vase of flowers on it makes for a stunning focal point of this living room.

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2. Add greenery

The fresh color of greenery can help you liven up the entire room. The easiest way to add greenery to the decoration is by using garland. Green garland will look great everywhere in the house. You can use it for the mantle, staircase, or the top of the kitchen cabinets.

10 Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas In 2019 09

The faux garland is not only beautify the handrail but also transform the entire hallway.

Image source

3. Lit the candles

To get a winter wonderland effect, you can make use of the candle lights. The luminous light of candles create a warmer and more inviting vibe in the room.

10 Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas In 2019 08

Look at how beautifully the candles illuminate the glass and the icicle ornaments. This arrangement will make your space look elegance.

Image source

4. Use texture layers

Using different fabric can change the mood of the entire room. You can choose to use linen or cotton, for they are really comfortable. However, for winter decoration, it will be better to opt for materials with more texture such as faux fur, wool, or flannel.

10 Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas In 2019 07

This one is an example of a glamorous winter living room. Incorporating different kinds of fabric, this room is full of comfort and warmth.

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5. Firewood display

If you have a fireplace in your home, it sure will come in handy this winter. Therefore, keep your firewood easy to access when you want to warm up by the fireplace. While doing that, you can make use of it as a chic decorative display at the same time.

10 Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas In 2019 06

This adorable circle log holder allows you to create a beautiful pattern simply by separating different log cuttings.

Image source

6. Add some plaid

Incorporate plaid accent to your home decor. The color, texture, and pattern of plaid will enhance the aesthetic in your space.

10 Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas In 2019 05

Plaid never fails to add festivity to the room.

Image source

7. Bring the outdoors in

Sometimes, the winter chills keep us from going outside to enjoy the nature for the cold weather could be so uncomfortable. However, you can bring the outdoors in by setting up your own mini nature display.

10 Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas In 2019 04

Add greens, like this mini pine needle tree, to freshen up the room.

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8. Decorate the fireplace mantle

When the temperature drops, your attention will shift toward the fireplace. Therefore, it will be a great idea to decorate the mantle so we can both enjoy the warmth it serves and the beauty it posses.

10 Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas In 2019 03

If you want, you can give a rustic touch in your decor like this wooden mantle.

Image source

9. A simple centerpiece

Like mentioned before, a great winter decoration utilizes variety of natural elements. You can create a simple plant arrangement and make it a centerpiece of your dining table. Your dinner time will be more merry with a beautiful centerpiece.

10 Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas In 2019 02

Filled a silver urn with pinecones, greenery, and white flowers. Then, add antler for the accent. This centerpiece will steal your guests’ attention.

Image sourc’e

10. A soothing entrance

Decorating the entryway with a soothing ornaments can be a perfect welcome to your guests. However, remember that you want to keep it simple for the entrance area is usually not spacious. Stick to only use one stunning decorative item that will catch the eye.

10 Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas In 2019 01

Hang eucalyptus bunch by the entryway to greet your guests. Add flocked accent to make it more wintery.

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