10 Adorable Christmas Bedroom Inspiration

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, don’t just focus on the living room. It’s time for you to give attention to your bedroom. Christmas is the best day of the year, but it can get overwhelming sometimes. That’s why you are going to need a space for a cozy snuggle on the holidays. Make a little change to your bedroom decor to make it more comfortable and inviting.

Below are 10 Christmas bedroom decor ideas you can follow that will help you bring the festive spirit of Christmas into your bedroom. Take a look and get inspired!

1. Decorate the headboard with garland

You don’t have to go crazy on the ornaments to make your bedroom feel festive. Simply decorate your headboard with a natural garland to make your bed feel fresh that will soothe you to sleep.

10 Christmas Bedroom Inspiration 10

Cozy up your bedroom with natural pine needle garland. Add fairy lights and layer it with other paper geometric garland to get a more festive look.

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2. Hang a sign

Another simple way to decorate your bedroom is with typography sign. You can use board, canvas, or plywood. To make it personal, you can choose your favorite words or quote;it doesn’t have to be “Merry Christmas”.

10 Christmas Bedroom Inspiration 09

The sign says a lot about this bedroom. The combination of linen, faux fur, and wool material makes the bed feel so comfortable and warm. So heavenly.

Image source

3. Incorporate rustic style

Rustic can make for a great Christmas decor. The style emphasizes natural colors and materials, such as wood and fresh greenery, that will create a warm and cozy scheme for your Christmas decoration.

10 Christmas Bedroom Inspiration 08

The fairy light beautifully illuminate the rustic board that is decorated by a simple wreath. The selection of plaid blanket adds up a countryside feel to this Christmas bedroom.

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4. Setting up a festive display

Decorating the bedside table with candles or lamps is too common. Why don’t decorate it with some festive decoration to lift up the Christmas mood in the room? Combine natural element with colorful ornaments, your bedroom bedside table will look amazing.

10 Christmas Bedroom Inspiration 07

Set up a mini Christmas tree with fairy light and snowflake ornament. Add copper vases that will illuminate the light and make the room merrier.

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5. Give a touch of chic chalet style

Chalets can be a perfect getaway destination in winter season. Great thing about chalet is the atmosphere that’s incredibly cozy and inviting. You can add a touch of chalet style to your bedroom to bring up extra warmth and comfort.

10 Christmas Bedroom Inspiration 06

This chalet-inspired bedroom keep the decoration to a minimum. The careful selection of bedding material guarantees the comfort of the bed. The wood wall with antler decoration emphasize the chalet style in this bedroom.

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6. Make your guests feel at home

Don’t skimp on decorating your guest room. You have to provide comfort so your guests would love to stay at your house. Make sure your guests feel the Christmas festivity in the room.

10 Christmas Bedroom Inspiration 05

Cheer up your guest room with this embroidered throw pillow. Use a comfortable linen bedding and add plaid blanket for the accent.

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7. Dreamy canopy bed

Create a beautiful setting with a stylish canopy bed decorated by fresh garland. Use floral patterned bedding to create a dreamy atmosphere.

10 Christmas Bedroom Inspiration 04

The blue floral bedding gives an elegance feel to this canopy bed.

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8. Sweet pastel color palette

You don’t have to stick with red and green when it comes to Christmas decor. If you like a more soft and subtle interior, opt for pastel color. Also, keep the ornament to a minimum to create an airy space.

10 Christmas Bedroom Inspiration 03

Pastel color has a soothing effect that will help you to sleep. Keep the decoration simple; too many ornaments can distract you and keep you from sleeping.

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9. Glamorous Christmas bedroom

Give your Christmas bedroom a glamorous touch with shimmering materials and sparkling ornaments. You can combine sequinned fabric with silver-colored ornaments, for example.

10 Christmas Bedroom Inspiration 02

This bedroom is so elegantly sparkling, while the lanterns also make for a perfect decoration.

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10. Make the kid room special

If you have kids, you don’t wanna skip adding a Christmas sparkle into their bedrooms. Kids would love colorful objects, and of course toys. Consider mixing their favorite toys to the decoration.

10 Christmas Bedroom Inspiration 01

This kid’s bedroom look stunning with the vintage wall arrangement. The winter themed bedding pattern looks adorable with a matching stocking hanging on the footboard.

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So, that’s all 10 Christmas bedroom decor ideas for you. Do you get inspired? Then, start decorating and have your own dreamy Christmas bedroom.

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